Friday, September 7, 2007

Whats the odds

Today i got to sleep in, haven't been sleeping that well. I took Colten in today to get his pictures taken at the school and he did really well, as we was walking through the hallway the principal stop me and Colten as we was chatting he turn and look at me and ask if i was looking for a job and i said well im not sure. I said whats the job and he said a cook! Well i try to applied for it at the being but they already hired someone, but one of the older ladies just came down sick and she was thinking that she might retired.... she was like 67 years old... I said well that would be great working somewhere i get to see my kids everyday! I know i will be leaving Dalten, but i been a stay at home mom for 9 years and i think a part time job at a school where i see my kids and also just a lil extra cash wouldn't hurt and it also wouldn't hurt for Dalten to play with some other kids, plus my best friend would be watching him... Lindsay. I know that if things keep going the way there are Dalten going to be so attached that it would be hard to leave his site just for couple of mins thats they way it is with Colten and he's Well i wont know tell next week, but i am excited and i think the kids will like it too! Well ok Colten will but i dont know about Dakota i might embarrass Well keep your fingers cross!


Anonymous said...

Good luck. That would be good for ya!


The Hoskovec's said...

Good luck! It is nice to get away a little bit once and awhile!

Blackmans said...

I hope it works out! Keep us posted!