Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Evening 2007

We hosted the Werner's Christmas over our house again...
We had a really good time!
short story... Mom wanted a pic of Crissy and she didnt,
so Bryan decided to help mom out!

Colten waiting to open his gifts from papa and mema
Dalten being ornery with daddy
Ace trying his new skateboard out in the snow...
he gotten his brain from dad

Ace and Uncle Joe's better side
My cousin Michael and her crazy DO

Crissy and Colten

Aunt Tootie with your mouth open like always but
usually bullshit coming out of
jkjk love ya aunt toot
Ace and his dog Mekyo

Dad and look at those eyes
Aunt Crystal and Colten
Crystal, Ace and Me
Dad, Ace, Mom, Crissy and Me

Me, Mom and Crissy

Michael, Ray, Aunt Tootie,Uncle Joe and Chey
Uncle David , Judy and William
The Werner Men!

Three of the Werner Kids
John...aka dad, Aunt Tootie...aka Barbara and Uncle Dave

And you know all of us......

The Hagan Clan!

Christmas Morning 2007

daddy trying to wake up
Colten awake, dressed and ready for business...that is christmas business

got to love the "first thing in the morning hair do"
Super Star!
Cotlen playing on Dalten's new slide

D.C and Colten playing on big brother chair

Christmas 2007

We start Christmas this year by starting off spending time with my
mother and father in laws... the 23th we did our Christmas and everyone had
a blast....Dalten was in the tearing off Christmas paper spirt....
getting ready to see grandma and grandpa! oh look what i got dad

Grandma Susan made this cloth book for Dalten
Cameron got some new wheels
Dalten taking it for a spin
Dakota opening his gifts from grandma and grandpa
Dakota and Grandpa checking out the new Nintendo DS

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Look Who's getting older!

Let's go down memory lane......
Born December 16, 1998
Dakota Lee Hagan

Proud Parents: Aletha and Bryan Hagan

1yrs old
2 yr old

3 yrs old

4 yrs old

5 yrs old

6 yrs old

7 yrs old

8yrs old

Happy 9th Birthday Dakota

We Love You!!!!