Monday, April 27, 2009

Guess what i get to put under my pillow Mom!

That's what Colten came screaming at me when i was trying to mow the backyard today...I was yelling what at him cuz i couldnt hear then it dawn on me to turn the mower off and he open his hand and there was this lil bitty tooth....and i looked up and he was smiling real big! Our lil man has lost his first tooth! It's only been wiggly for two weeks....We been fighting him to go to bed at night cuz he knew if he did then he would swallow it and he wouldnt get money, cuz he wasnt going to let any tooth fairy go down his belly....he came up with some cute stuff....

he only looks this way cuz the sun was in his eyes...he said it didnt hurt and he didnt even cry...what a BIG BOY!