Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One of Bryan's Christmas Gifts!

This year I bought Bryan a pug for chrismas...he really likes her! We havent pick a name out yet! She's so cute and tiny...they said she only weights 2lbs!

her new name is Cloe!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Dakota

We want to wish our big boy a Happy 10th Birthday!
We hope you have a wonderful year!
We love you bunches!
Love Daddy, Mommy, Colten and Dalten

Monday, December 8, 2008

!Updates on the Hagan Clan~

Well it sure has been a busy year for us...thats for sure...There has been more negative thing then good but we are keeping our heads up...and ready for a brand new year...Ive been praying to God hoping 09 will be a good year for us! However since this year hasnt been that has prove us how strong our family has become...and i do thank God for that....But with all that we been through i think the hardest thing for me to deal with is losing our lil Angel...which i think about her everyday....even tho she not with us, she still part of our clan and we talk about her all the time! Anyways...i just want to say is that everyone one is doing great. Bryan is finally done with corn...YAY!!!! He has been working so hard, and when he comes home he helps me out around here...Im so thankful to have a wonderful guy like him in my life! Dakota has grown up so much this past month...he helps me out when he get home from school...he helps out with the boys and my house work....and tending to what i need.... i should but i havent and i need to Thank God everyday for Dakota....he has really showed me how mature he's getting and i so glad that he's learned what family is all about. I cant believe he's turning 10 next week....ok i better stop cuz im starting to cry! Colten has been helping me out a lot too...he's has learn how to use the vacuum...and he loves it! We had a dentist appt today in North Platte, we though he had two cavities and come to find out that they are going to have to pull them...cuz they are so rotten in the inside and it happened so cant even tell, but the x-ray showed they are bad...i feel so bad. So we have to deal with that next month. Other than that he is so excited for christmas...everyday he is singing some christmas song...he really good to! Dalten well as you'll see in the pics down below you'll see hows he's He has been talking so well that he's putting sentences together...its just amazing how much he has grown...Im so blessed to have my wonderful boys!I love the fact that even on my worse days i can count on them to make me laugh....i never want that to stop! As for me i getting alot still weak and cant do to much with out getting tired. And for some reason i have my days and nights mixed up which thankfully i talk to my doctor about that tomorrow and get all straighten out. I finally gotten my tube takin out a week ago... so im finally gauze and tape free....still have some pain but hopefully it will be gone soon....Im sorry i dont have much pics....all the pics down below as been takin off my cell, cuz Dalten has broken my camera so i cant take pictures...i hope we get it fix i can post more pics....Well i want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and also to be safe! So make sure you scroll down i have a couple more posts...Thanks!

Christmas tree

Thanks to my wonderful husband we finally gotten our tree up last week...I think one of the reason this is my favorite time of the year is decorating the christmas tree....When its all done and we turn off the lights it brighten up the whole living room...everyday i see it for some reason puts a big smile on my face. It puts me in a good mood...i dont know why and it sounds funny but it does! I wish i could leave it up all year long...Bryan thinks it just cuz of the pain killers talking... but i just love my tree.

i love my tree topper... I could never keep up a star or my angel cuz the were to heavy for my tree and would fall down....i found this one and light enough that it dont come down!

Believe it or not as much destructive Dalten has been he hasnt touched my tree at all!


Destructive~tending to destroy; causing destruction or much damage. Now when i looked this word up i swear i would found Dalten name in it....I believe seen the time i came home from the hospital...he had something against me...I truly believe that he was so mad that i have abandon him for 11 days...that he's done everything in his power to get back at me....since I wasnt able to do much and its hasnt been easy for me to get around that he try to destroy everything he could cuz he knew i couldnt catch him time to stop him!...He's been a monster....(but i still Love him)

I was on the phone with my mother when i heard the kids running around and laughing downstairs......
and this is what i found.....them covered in cornstarch...just say mama wasnt happy

but i had to take these pics so i can laugh about it
I had to use the vacuum to clean them off...these pics. dont do the justice...
then later that nite i came in the living room from going to the bathroom and found crushed chips ALL over my living room floor ( a full bag)...due to Dalten...i was so tired and in so much pain all i could do was cry! I still wasnt able to vacuum yet, my beloved son Dakota help me out....Thank you Dakota... I love you so much...i love all three of ya! That was last week.... This weekend he took a orange marker and drew all over my new couch set, he has gotten ahold of a black lipstick and drew all over his face, a blue marker and drew it all over his face, this month so far he has completely dumped four bottles of my seasoning salt for my meats....cuz he's learn to climb the counters by himself...and i just cant keep up with out lil man cuz mommy's getting better!