Saturday, August 30, 2008

*~* tHiS aNd tHaT *~*

Sorry i havent posted anything for awhile, i been in this blah funk the past two weeks
so here are some just random pics. from the past two weeks.

getting ready to go with dad and help with pivots

Dalten fell asleep on the way there
see im not afraid to get dirty

a bad habit that has to stop
couple of weekends ago my nieces came to town
Bryan's mom and grandma Ruppert
me and Raegan
cutting dakota's hair before school started...Colten wanted me to leave it like that

ready for the 4th grade

Riley and me
Riley and I
Raegan and Riley
Miss Raegan

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We went PEE-PEE in the POTTY!!!

Give this lil man a round of applause....He went pee-pee in the potty!!
Im so proud of you hon!
Dalten been wanting to use the toilet since he turned 1, but if you was around him alot you know he was way too short to even reach it with a step stool....but he would pull his diaper off and pee by it.
Well that also lead to bigger messes as he would pull his diaper all the time even when he it was nasty mess to clean up all the time and it was during the time i was working too....but i think i was just too lazy to really help him out...So i decided when we got back for our trip i would buy him a potty chair (which non of the other kids would use one). So we played with it for a week, showed him it was there...and yesterday Bryan and I decided to buy his own underware...So when he first woke up this morning i took him in there, he set on there and to help him out i turned on the sink and what you know...he did it!!! Your becoming mommy's big boy now!...i just want to some pics as he was showing off his underware!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome to our South Dakota Vacation "08"!

So as most of you know we headed to South Dakota for our family vacation this year....and all i can say is it was AMAZING! We all had a wonderful time...matter fact Colten didnt want to come home! We went everywhere from A to Z and still didn't hit all the spot we wanted to go. We did however made up there during Sturgis time, it was a awesome to see all the people and the bikes...the boy's just love it. While we was head up there my camera decided to take a crap on me so the some place we went to the first day i didnt get pics...but when i got my new camera i took about these are just

The town's we visited was Lead, Deadwood, Rapid City, Keystone, Hill City, Custer (that's where we stayed), Pringle and Hot Springs

The places we went to was Evan's Plunge..which kick butt, Wind Nat' Park...wild buffalo, Custer State Park...has beautiful lakes, Nat' Museum of Woodcarving, Four Mile Ghost Town, Flintstones Bedrock of my favorites, Crazy Horse...another fav., Mt Rushmore, Rushmore underground Cave, President Slide and tramway, Big Thunder Gold Mine, Old McDonald Farm...which it was so cool, you got to feed the animals, there was pony rides, pig races and train was fun, Cosmos Mystery fav, Bear Country USA, Black Hill Maze...which Bryan and Dakota only did...and Dakota beat Bryan, Flag and Wheel Indoor Racing...which Dalten and I won the first round and Colten and I kick butt in the second round...who's the racer in the family, Story Book Island which was so was a free park that had any mother goose story and Disney movies character, the Roo Ranch where we got to touch Kangaroo's and the President Park Sculpture Garden...which we didnt go in cuz it was close but did sneak some pics, the most amazing and neat place was Reptile Garden....if any of you guys go to SD you must take your kids here...they will love it!

Well i have like 6 more post after this with some slide shows of all the we did...i do have more pics...but i have to get them when i get time, ill post them too....Well thanks for taking a look...any questions just ask!

Custer State Park , WInd Cave National Park and some motorcycles

McDonald Farm and Story Book Island

Bear Country USA and Cosmo's!

Keystone and Rushmore Cave!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reptile Gardens