Monday, June 30, 2008

a shout out to my lil sista

Happy 20th Birthday!
We WUV You!

This and That!

Well these are pics from last week and probably be the only pics for
awhile since my dang camera broke....So these are not in order,
but the first couple of pics are of a leather back turtle.
My father inlaw set a line all the way across a creek and had several hooks with bait.
well the other nite Bryan and my brother inlaw went to check it out and this turtle ate all the bait but got caught on the last hook....Bryan call us to come check it out and i have to say i never seen a turtle like this before...the back was real soft and flimsy!

now this picture not real clear but look at the nails on this sucker!
Crissy and Dalten spending some lone time!
Aunt Crissy we need to talk EYE to EYE
Colten lil stinker stolen some apple of the tree

look at his face its weird!

Dalten showing dad how to mow!
i getting apples

this kid can fall asleep any where!

Monday, June 23, 2008

~Puppies For Sale~

Well are puppies are ready to go and find a new home
they are 8 weeks old as of last saturday. The mama is a malamute/ wolf
and the daddies are labs! I just want $10.00 for them just to cover all the puppy
food cost... They are soooo adorable, i really dont want them to go but its to costly
to have all of them...and people would start calling the dog lady. I want to find them the best
home. If you would like one just comment and i'll get a hold of you. Now they all have been d-worm. There next treatment would be when they are 10 weeks old!

The twins....Reese and P.B. 1 boy and 1 girl
This one we called Princess~ girl and she is black with some
brown tint to her...very cute

the twins again.
Now this lil guy is a runt and he's only 7 lbs right now
he very adorable.

Now this lil whitie is a boy and everyone said he reminds him
that toilet paper he's very laid back!

This one we call Brownie, he one of my favorites...he alway have to
greet me before going he's all brown but his tummy has some
whit markings and his eyes are grayish blue...i'll be sad to see him go!
this lil fat short guy looks just like mommy when
she was a puppy but mama was a lil
He is so funny to watch play around in the yard!

and this lil girl is my favorite too....she has the markings of the wolf
but might take the body type of the lab....she just adorable
Actually they are so dang adorable....i hate to see them all go
but its time...i think cuz they stay much longer i'll have to find a job cuz im going to want to keep all of If any questions...just ask!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday LINDSAY!

Happy 28th Birthday!
Hope you have a wonderful day and week!

Our trip to North Platte!

Yesterday we got a hair up our but and decided to take the boys to North Platte, we took them to the Cody Go Kart track and the Rec. Center....i believe they had a blast...seen the crashed all the way home and didnt see movement from them tell this! Hope you enjoy the slideshow and video...

Video that goes with the pics. below!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What a PILL.....

Yesterday we fixed Bryan a huge meal for him for father's day....and everyone enjoyed it....even Dalten...he's also wearing it....the post after this one is a video, you'll have to watch it!

This should go on AFV!

Random Pictures of this weekend!

Dalten getting in my buffet
the tatoo Colten got @ Poineer Days
Im ready for the pool
Dalten tatoo
and Dalten says this is his new Apple and Dr.Pepper
What a stinker...i was in the middle of making brownies and i look over to see what he was doing and he stole this apple and took my pop!

Dakota swim meets in Trenton and Wauneta.....

Wauenta swim meet...6/14

this was Trenton swim meets ribbons

pic that i got from Lindsay from the Trenton meet.....6/7

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My cute nieces and nephews!

the twins Riley and Raegan
Raegan telling Riley a funny joke
Mr. Stud muffin Rhet
Rhet and Blake...Blake was born 4 days before Rhet
Miss Cutie Puties...Riley and Raegan!

Riley wanting a piggy back ride from Raegan!
They are all so dang adorable!

Monday, June 9, 2008

To my biggest HERO'S

Want to wish Ace and Randy
a Happy 21st Birthday!
Randy wish you could be here to celebrate with Ace.
I do know that your going to be celebrating in spirit....your sure missed!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How RUDE!!!

As i am sitting here in a peace and quiet house...(hard to believe i loving it) Dakota and Colten at bible school and Dalten taking a nap, I though i would come up to the computer room and see everyone blog and i have notice i haven't comment on anyone blog for a long time...and you all graciously comment on mine...HOW RUDE of me. So i though instead of going on everyone to say something i will say it on here!
Missy, Awesome Awesome you got to take the boys on a trip, i bet that was something you all needed and what away to welcome Kenna back....i bet they are having a blast being together and see its not so bad traveling with the boys sometimes it only takes a 1.97 pair of ear plugs to cure Absolutely love the Rock Band pics...Jared your my hero! And can i say Jacob is sooo darn cute, he wants to make me be one of those aunt that what to come up and pinch those adorable lil cheeks...Girl i so miss chatting with you i'll have to make time to come over and see ya...and bring Jared some onions...whoo-baby that what i said onions!

Lindsay~ So proud of my girl 2nd place not bad for a first timer! Cant wait to watch her and Dakota at the next meet! As for my adopted blonde boy son....well Austin is I bet he cant wait to get a new spiffy room! I bet you miss all the lil monsters from daycare i mean lil I think sometimes Dalten miss ya...but i think he's really liking mommy staying home now! And as for as the 10 year reunion....oh let those snobby wanna be people kiss your A%$! You got to hang out with people that really cares and matter in you life and thats all the for instance you know i love ya! I do miss our daily routine on the bed .... chatting and watching our show together...ha ha people fooled you thought you were going to read a lil lesbian action...didnt you!
As for mister Randy Miner...updated your damn blog boy...come on are you really that need to see new pics of that cute lil boy!
Julie ** Love all the mud pics...Bryan and i went mudding with the 4-wheeler all memorial weekend long...its a blast...God Bless your lil girl she so darn cute and i can see a lil redneck woman right there...can you give me a HELL YA! Her getting dirty and playing with mud is just priceless...if i ever have a lil girl i hope she has the personality like Kallie...i think you and Troy are doing and awesome job...I would love for all of us to get together and chat...And are you nuts on opening a i couldnt do it...jkjk I think you would do a great job...on the plus side you get paid to stay home with your own kids...can you give me another HELL YA! Jules, you and Troy look great together and very HAPPY! The other day when Chance was here we was having flash backs with those two nuts and drinking jack daniels out a sports bottle in Jr. High.. OH THE GOOD TIMES...LOL
And there is Sarah most defiantly need new pics up...jk I bet you guys are sooo excited to find out what you are having... I have the feeling its a BOY... As soon as you find out you have to let us all know...but either way i know you will be happy as long its healthy. I think the most exciting part of being pregnant is finding out the sex of it...well its sure in hell isnt the swollen feet, get up all nite to pee and cant forget about sickness i really need to go on about that i think not! So happy for you guys!
Crystal Hicks welcome to the BLOG WORLD...its so fun and it give you the chance to share embarrassing pics of your kids...thats the part i Girl i just want to say THANKS again for being there for me during my hard time....When i get really down i pick up that card and read it over and over...You even made my hubby's so great to know we have such wonderful people in our lives..we are so BLESSED! i just wish i could of been there for you. And i cant wait to meet your lil bundle of joy when she come out and greets the world! again girl~ THANKS! and also thanks for giving me the idea of going on a lil vacation with out the kids...Bryan and I are going to Johnson lake alone this weekend, it will be nice to get out and have some lone time!
Dave and Amy, so sorry to hear about your grandpa...i know thats the hardest part about life is watching someone so great to leave it...i know its not easy...went through the same thing with my grandpa shorty... I just want to say Jack is getting so, he's a cutie...For all the Father's in Grand Island better watch out for your lil girls cuz this lil cutie is going to be stilling there hearts! Hope to see all of ya soon....
Charlie Smith, we want to welcome you to myspace world! Its fun isnt addicting specially when you get to chat with people that you have to talkin to for ages...its a good time to catch up! And can i say you lil girl Hannah is such a doll...i would love for Dalten, Nathan and her to play together they would have so much long mine is not being a bully...Anyways the pics of her are so darn cute! I know you and Dolan are very proud parents....
The McCrumb 6~ Renae i have to say you so deserve the Mother of the Year raise two set of twins and act like theres nothing to it, just amazes me...I dont know how you do it...but you do and i know i couldnt, thats for sure! They are all adorable! Love seeing your blog and all the pics... you guys looking a very loving family!
Ok i know there is more people but my fingers are so tired and i will have to do the rest tomorrow!
but on the last note this one goes out to my cousin Tammy...NO MY PUPPIES DON'T BOBBLE THEIR HEADS LIKE MICHAEL'S... so sorry you have a retarded sister... HAHA...I soooo had to say that one... and by the way did Jon like the vidoes i sent him...i cracked up all night watching those...I SO miss you summer is not coming fast enough...but i will most defiantly try to keep my blog updated for you guys! Sometimes i might need to be reminded!
Love you all!