Monday, June 30, 2008

This and That!

Well these are pics from last week and probably be the only pics for
awhile since my dang camera broke....So these are not in order,
but the first couple of pics are of a leather back turtle.
My father inlaw set a line all the way across a creek and had several hooks with bait.
well the other nite Bryan and my brother inlaw went to check it out and this turtle ate all the bait but got caught on the last hook....Bryan call us to come check it out and i have to say i never seen a turtle like this before...the back was real soft and flimsy!

now this picture not real clear but look at the nails on this sucker!
Crissy and Dalten spending some lone time!
Aunt Crissy we need to talk EYE to EYE
Colten lil stinker stolen some apple of the tree

look at his face its weird!

Dalten showing dad how to mow!
i getting apples

this kid can fall asleep any where!


Peyton's Place said...

Ha Ha! I don't know why, but when I saw the pics of Bryan & Dalten mowing - the song "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" popped into my head! Don't know why - but TOO funny!

And I love the pic of Dalten passed out in the middle of the floor. Reminds me of Peytie actually falling asleep DURING meal times. Kids make me laugh!

teddybears place said...

i have a pic of aletha falling asleep on .....well um nm hehe

Blackmans said...

That turtle freaks me out a little!!!
Dalten cracks me up! We need to get him and the boys together to play soon.