Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are still alive!!!!

Cant believe its been five months since i posted on here....well for three of those months my computer was done and i was being a tight-butt and not wanting to spend the money to fix it....until a friend of mine fix it for me! Yay! Other than that i just been to lazy and was too wrap up in facebook! So the new updates...Dakota is doing great in school, so far he's got all A's ( we are very proud of him)....we did discover that he has thyroid problems and he's on medication for it... Colten well is Colten...still an ornery lil boy who started Kindergarten this year...they already had to split his class! He loves it and the most thing he enjoys right now that he get to bring home books and read to us! (he does a wonderful job)...and there's Dalten, he has been a real joy in our life...he makes me laugh all day...but he sure is ornery...we had a problem when school start cuz he want to go BAD...he would wake up, get dressed, want to eat breakfast, and after all that he would grab his backpack and he would say "Mom, im ready for school" we had to make a lot of trips to McCook...cuz he would be on my case all day! Finally last week he stopped asking...i feel so sad....i know he wants to go so bad...but he'll have his chance next year in Preschool! Other than that Bryan and I are doing great....Bryan been busting his behind this year in farming...cant wait until he's down harvesting beans and he can rest more! We are expecting another lil Hagan...we are happy about it! We'll be more excited when i pass 14 weeks...its been very scary and afraid of losing this one...but i been trying to relax more...its kinda hard when my head is the toilet more than out of so that gives me a good sign! Anyways ill post more soon....heres some pictures to enjoy!!!