Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Say it ain't it true...YES! ...I'm BaCk

Has it been really over a year since i been on here...I guess so.  I  have to say that at the time my time was pretty full. Raising 4 kids, which one was still very colicky and everything that involves being a mother and a wife. It also have been a rocky year for me as well. I was fighting depression, my woman hood was all messed up and being over weight. I really didn't have much time for myself, so one good thing i did last summer was join Curves. I LOVED IT! It made feel good being around just woman and working out. I took it very serious and was loving the results. Then August hit....I started going down hill again. I wanted to sleep all the time, I gain weight rapidly, became depressed and having women problems again. To the point aunt Flow came twice a month. There is NO woman that wants to do that twice in one month. I told my doctor that I came to realize my body HATED me. :-)   We are still working on me, but hopefully i will get back the way i used to be..I hope!

However...the family is doing great! Emma is about to turn 2. Yes i did say 2! She has been a hoot. You'll get know her as time goes on.  She is so a mini me and a mini Bryan. Its kinda scary! Dalten turned 5 last September.  We kept him back from kindergarten. He was sad about it, but i know it was the best choice. His confidence level was still low and he was just so lil at the time, but since then he has grown 3 whole inches. He lets you know everyday that he's getting taller. He is still the ray of my sunshine. He can still turn my frown up side down. Colten which is Bryan's mini me, is still full piss and vinegar. He sure keeps me on my toes. He is my lil prank-er...just ask his big brother Dakota.  Colt  is what he wants us to call  him now is in the 2nd grade. He's a real ladies man. I know to young right. Well let me tell you he sure has this lil fan club of girls that will follow him everywhere and believe in every word he says. He like hypnotize them or something. Its funny to watch it, but also scary for what the future might hold. :-) Oh, dear lord pray for me know. Then there is my Koda (Dakota)! He is 13 yrs. old 3 inches taller then me...which its not hard being taller than i am. He started 7th grade this year. I have been so busy with football, basketball, and band activities. There were also track meets and wrestling but due to Emma cant sit still very long, we didnt get to go to any of those.  I've been very proud of Dakota with all that and also being a student manger for high school football and basketball...he still maintain A's&B's  this year... There was one class he was having trouble in but with some talking and helping he gotten it up and now has all straight A's. He also became a very well athlete. Being a big boy has it advantages! Bryan well same as always working, working and working...there was some time in there for us. We do appreciate of all he has done for us! Well...i sure went on and on and on and oh yea on about us...but there so much more i didn't get on here. Maybe another time. I will be back...I PROMISE!
Thanks for taking the time...One tired ,but very hot (cuz it feels like its 100* in here) Aletha wish y'all a good night.