Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Bryan!!!!

I know its a few days early but we wont be home so i thought that i would wish you a happy birthday now... WOW the big 27th. you are getting old on
The kids and I hope you have a wonderfull and fun day!!!! Love you

Thursday, August 30, 2007


On August 29, at 4:30 in the afternoon I had sadly found our favorite bunny's in our yard, but there souls have left them and went up to bunny heaven! They life's were taken by a salvage beast ..aka... MYKA the mal/wolf dog!
Its sad that our dog took our bunny's away, but only being 4 months old she thought she was only playing... They will be missed !
It was funny cuz after I scold myka telling her bad dog she drop her head down and went under neath the deck and finally around 11 last night i had to drag her out to show her i wasn't mad anymore! But i knew she didn't mean to and that she was sorry!


Here is Myka at 2 months, now scroll down and see how big she in now!
Recent pics of Myka at 4 1/2 months old!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Family Updates

Well I will start off with Dakota, he started school two weeks ago in the third grade. We dont hear to much from him about it other than that he thinks its cool he gets to collect bugs dead or alive and take them to school cuz they are going to be learning about them so he has brought in 4 dragonflies and some other ones i couldn't tell you what they His teacher ask them if they seen a green frog if they could bring it in, well down at the shop is the river so Bryan and his friend went and cought one, so on Monday Dakota got to take it to school and they put in a fish tank to study... So that all we get out of him is about bugs... He's a boy and thats his kind of thing.
Colten will be starting preschool next tuesday here in Culbertson. They just started running one this year. So Colten is very excited to start going to school with his big brother, it gives me a lil time with just Dalten, but Colten will be very missed thats for sure! Today we went up to the school with one of his classmate and good friends of our to take a tour of the school and his classroom. As soon as we got there Austin and him went straight to the Lindsay and I got to chat a lil with his teacher and it sounds like they will have a fun time and prolly be too busy to miss us :( After we got the teacher straighten up on the spelling of Colten's name we started to talk about how many kids they will have and looks like there will be 19 kids, 16 boys and 3 girls, Lindsay and I told her we felt sorry for her and wish her good luck cuz to find out this was her first year teaching preschool! I am sure that she will do just fine and so will Colten, now me on the other hand we will see!!!!
Dalten is one of the kind, he's becoming very comical and clumsy! Last week he just had his 9 th month check up. I know I know why so late, well between our schedule and the doctors we finally got him last week. He is 27 inches long and is 19 lbs. He going to be a shorty like me... poor kid. Well most of you know that he is walking know and have been for three week, hard to believe! Dalten has learn to go up and down our stairs since we move here and yes he has fell down them couple of times but the way the banners are made you cant put a gate up, well last week he thought i went up stairs so he was trying to find me and he was crabby, he lost his balanced and fell down, well when i heard him cry i ran out of the kitchen and he was picking himself up and there was blood all over. First time ever i really freak out and try to find where it was coming from i rushed over to my friend Lindsay so she could call her mom to find out what to do ( Bryan was out in the field at this time and couldn't get a hold of him) We realize it was coming from his lil nose. After talking to the doctor i check him over and made sure there were so sign that the doc told me to watch for, him ended up being just fine just crabby for a couple of days... I did take him in the next day to see our doc to make sure he was fine and he was! But he is a walking lil man, thinking he has places to go... he's loving it cuz he can catch up to his brothers....for me on the other hand is keeping me busy chasing all three.
Bryan and I have been real busy, with the three boys, getting them ready for school and just taking care of them! Bryan back to field work and pretty soon we wont be seeing him for two in half months, cuz of planting wheat and picking corn! Hope there will be a few rainy days for the kids and mine sake! I been really depressed lately with being busy, my sister heading to Hayes, Kansas for college and my brother still over in Iraq going back on missions after the car bomb they hit in June! ( Please keep A.C. Werner in your prayers)... but he will be coming home soon like in 5 to 6 weeks. So im trying to get prepare a Welcome Home potluck for him and Rundback after they are home so for all the family and friends, so keep ur ears open for that event! Love for all of you to come... I am hoping once everything settle down i can get back to myself...! Well that's all for now!

new addition to our family

We have a new puppy in our family name Myka! She is a malamute/wolf and in these pics she only 2 months old! We gotten her a day before July 4th, a guys was just going to dump her and her sister on the side the road on his way home... So we dicided that we take her and my best friends Lindsay and Adam would take her sister wich her name is Kira! I will post more pics later time!

Estes Park

Well as most of you know that we went to Estes Park for our family vacation! All i can say is wow, it so beautiful there and so much fun! We did a lot of thing from fun parks to driving all the way up the rookie mountains! I felt bad cuz Dalten set in his stroller 70 % of the time but i tell you what soon as we gotten home he start to walk right Estes we did a lot of shopping, eating, and spending time with the kids. We havent done this for a very long time! I gotten the idea from Missy (Thank Miss)! One of the neat things was we went to the Stanley Hotel there in Estes and it was know to be haunted years back, well it was gorgeous there and we found out some neat facts about it. First of all Stanley the man that built the hotel had died on my birthday July 31 in the early 1900's but when we have learned of this it was exactly on my birthday so i felt a lil Also if anyone that likes scary movies ( well I sure do), there a moving called the Shining, well the movie was film right there at the Stanley Hotel and they used the parts that was haunted! It was so awesome for me to tour! Well i think the kids favorite part was fishing by the pond at our hotel and also the elk that would almost come up to our hotel room door... i kind of freak out sometimes cuz the baby elk was just as tall as me so yea it was freaky but they were so neat! Well i hope you enjoy the pics!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dalten is walking!