Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Request

This post is for you Tammy...WE MISS YOU TOO!

This afternoon my cousin reminded me its been awhile since i posted anything, so we took some pics tonight just for you!!!
Now these pics down below are from last Thursday i believe, it was sprinkling and had some hard rain showers... that afternoon...these are from one of the hard shower that came thro...

this pic i was just showing you i finally got rid of that darn rose bush that took this whole spot we are going to put are swing there!


This one here is my favorite...she so beautiful!

Today we took the puppies outside and let them run around... but the only place they ran to was underneath the lawn
Aren't they just adorable....They will turn 5 weeks old on saturday!

Monday, May 5, 2008

By Request!

Hagan Update!
Where to start....I just want to THANK EVERYONE for all your kind words to help us grieve thro. this unfortunate time. Its been hard and i been having my up and downs, but im doing good! I do want to thank Crystal Hicks for the lovely flowers and the goodie basket...i have a thank you card to send to ya but havent I been so busy...but Crystal thank you from the bottom of our hearts! And also to a big thanks to my friends and family's you all help us out a lot!
It has been a crazy three weeks...with losing the baby and my aunt moving down to Texas...A day before i started to miscarriage i notice my dog Myka belly was gettin big, so we thought she was pregnant as the weeks went by we knew for sure she was...Well saturday morning she had 11 puppies and by that evening she had one more...its amazing to have that many being her first was real exciting to see....dont know what the sex are because there just to hard to keep in a couple of days i will check and let you all know...they are so adorable...the boys are so stoke!
I have pictures down here of this past weekend....there some of the new puppies. Then saturday after saying goodbye to aunt Tootie, we went to Missy to visit. It was nice to get out and see some different faces...even tho. those faces was trying to make me work....LOL but it was fun to see the boys playing and help them a lil bit with the fence and helping Missy with her flowers. Then came Sunday my brother called me, while he was coming home from drill, and we talked about the pups and he wanted to come over and see them....Well couple hours later he showed up and told me to come outside so i did and there was Chance in the pickup...It was an awesome two hour visit....he's doing great, he walks with an walker now, and he's out of the wheel-chair now and he dosent have the pain in his back anymore after his back surgery a couple of months ago...and his short time memory is getting a lot better too...he only repeated himself once the whole time we chatted....Thanks Ace again for bring him was such a blessing to see him and also to see how much he improved...To those who would like to know he is now living in Cambridge with the Assisted Living house, so which mean he's leaving on his own so if you ever want to visit him he live in apt. 8!
Well i believe that it for now...ill post again about Dakota quiz bowl pics and Coltens tee-ball!
Again i just want to say Thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts....there not enough words to express how you all help us! GOD BLESS YA!

My Vistor Sunday! :)

Chance Redflied

Hanging out at Missy's!

Missy and Matthew
Matthew, Dalten helping Missy plant some flowers
Nathan hanging loose!
Missy working
Jarad and Jerry working too!
Matthew and Dalten playing!

We Got Puppies!

Myka a week ago...
Myka and her 12 puppies born May4th

today i took some snap shots of the puppies
my fav.

all 11! one passed sunday morning and another is about to go! :(