Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Hagan Clan Updates!!!!

Let see Daltens new milestones this week was amazing. He is growing up so fast its almost to scary! This week he started to hold his own bottle, which i felt bad cause i had to lay him down a lot to take care of his big brother Colten which he just had his tonsils removed. Then he is moving all over the place, he don't stay on his back very long! At the being of this week he decided to get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth.... u know what that means, yup he getting ready to crawl. Dalten has been a blast, he really smart and he learns fast. We finally gotten him to eat his cereal, he is going to be one picky kids.. I can see it now!
Colten had a very hard week he been trying to be a good trooper about the whole thing but its kind of hard when he is in a lot of pain. He had his tonsil remove and his adenoids last Thursday! He has been in a lot of pain and don't want to eat or drink anything. So far he been eating alot of freeze pops~when we can get him to eat The doctor said that his adenoids was as big as a silver dollar, he couldn't believe that he could breath at night time. But this week Colten had some good days, some bad ones and very long nights. We have a week to go on the healing and after that it will be worth it having the surgery. He is already speaking a lot better and we love his new voice it so cute. Which he will get his old voice back in a couple of months. Its funny when he gets mad
or starts to laugh cause he just sound so cute!
Dakota has been a real big help to daddy and I. He been helping out with feeding Dalten when i am taking care Colten and fixing dinner! He been doing some course around the house too! He also been getting in a lot of trouble, he in that stage that he can do or say whatever he wants~ which we been going rounds and round with him. He also learned that if dad says no then go ask mom because 9 out of 10 she will say yes! So Bryan and I are having to get on the same page and work together. Which is hard when you got 10 thing going at the same time! He doing real great at school. We been having problem with him at home about reading , studying and homework. We have notice that he was going down hill in his school too! So we are cracking down on him and he is starting to do a lot better. He takes it more serous then before and he not being so lazy about it. We had to do a lot of grouding and taking things away i think he finally getting the hint. We are very proud of him!
Bryan and I are doing great! Even though that we dont have anymore hair and very sleep Bryan been helping me out a lot this week. He will get up at nights with Colten when i am taking care of Dalten. When he gets home for work he helps out a lot taking care of the kids while i am fixing dinner! He's my BIG helper. I love him so much! We been going out on Saturdays nights just the two of us to get a break from the kids and work! Its been really nice something that we both need. We also been going to the Bear Cave bar hanging out with a bunch of friends, Bryan even surprise a lot of people in town that he can sing, there has been karaoke. So Bryan been singing on the weekend which has been a blast. That's why i got with him cause of his singing. He made me fall in love with him that way. I guess being a farmer pays I been great, like i said just a little tired and run down so the other day I went and gotten my hair cut and highlighted. It was a nice break for me being by myself which don't happen to much! Well when you get a chance come down and hang out with us at the bear cave. And i will be posting some pictures here shortly!

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Ok people if your going to come to my blog and read it or see the pictures at least you can do is leave a comment! Thanks a bunch Aletha!!!

What is so funny?!?!?!?!?

What a week!!!

Well it has been exciting and sad week! I so excited that Ace is coming home for two week and then he will be returning to Iraq for least another 6 months. Its going to be hard to let him go again especially after he lost his best friend, but i know that my brother has a job and his job is to help those less fortune then us! So i just wanted to say that I am very proud of my brother and all the men and women over there. I do have a different outlook on the war in Iraq. I think what really change my point of view is seeing some pic and videos of our men handing out candy to the little children over there, you can see in the back ground there was trash all over the streets cause they don't have dumps over there and sewer running in the streets where the children are playing. Its so sad to see that they don't have play ground to play in, they don't have much toys like our kids do, and to see those children feel safe enough with your troops over there is just so priceless. Cause with the war and all the killing over there those kids trust us. It just show no matter how rough it gets over there they are trusting us to help them so they can have a better life and i am OK with that! Ace is bringing Mathney home with in the next couple of days and will be staying with him until the funeral which i think is pretty cool. My brother said that he told Randy that whatever happens that he will be there to take care of him, that he has his back! So that what my brother doing bring Randy home for his family and his girlfriend! Theres a lot more i would like to say but something i think i going to keep private. I just hope people thanks there guardian angles for keeping you safe and here on earth. God bless Everybody!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

RIP Randy Mathney

Randy Mathney
RIP~February 05 2007
1074 th Outlaw

You was a great man, son, brother, boyfriend, friend, roommate, and a brave soldier!
Thanks for risking your life to protect us! I know that you will be watching over our OUTLAWS now and making sure they will be coming home safely. You will remain in our thought and my brothers. I know that he love you like a brother, well hell you was a brother to him, if you can live with him in the same room for 4 month and take his stinking I will miss chatting with you on the computer and talking to you on the phone letting me know what my brother is up to or when he went on missions. Now your on a permanent mission to go up and met the big guy upstairs and to get your wing so you can fly over the 1074th Outlaws and guide him home. We will miss you man!! Hooraw

Monday, February 5, 2007

Do you believe in guardian angels?

I guess you can say that in some ways that i believe in god and some ways i didn't. I am learning over the year that i starting to believe more and more into him. I have always believe there were angels. I had prayed before my brother left to go to Iraq that his guardian angel or angels to protect him while he is over there, that he need there guidance so he can make it back home safe to us.......

Friday, February 2, 2007

Old Pictures

Crystal must be teasing dad and as we are sitting round watching like Rednecks!

Dakota, Daniel, & Colten


Austin and Colten being cheeze-balls

yep gotten a shower

Bryan my firefighter

Bryan on the fire truck

Colten watching the 4th of July parade

Bryce coming back to the finish line!

(This was taken right from our house)

Bryan's brother Bryce running in Culbertson 10k 4th of July

Bryan and Adam

My little man

daddy is starting early
Datlen holding his bottle

Dalten trying to figure out what Colten doing

he's so cute when he cries

BUSTED! Got caught with the

Dalten being held by his cousin Harper

Dalten hanging out

The big winter of 06

Dakota loves snow!

Colten eating the snow (it was clean!!!)

Down Tate Street

behind our house

Me first attempte to clean the sidewalk

Colten being goofy

Dakota hiding snowballs under his hat (snicker)

Colten's Surgery

Well as most of you known Colten was supposed to have surgery yesterday, it was cancelled until February 15th. The nurses told me that he was supposed to eat a light breakfast no later than 7 in the morning of the surgery which wasn't until 1 in the afternoon. Well we could get him to eat until 8 and he just a one slice of piece of cheese and not even a 1/2 glass of O.J. Well they said they couldn't do surgery cause of the acid that cheese and OJ produce in the tummy and it would cause problems during the surgery so for his safety they didn't do it and they were so upset for the nurse that told me make sure he has a lite breakfast, so they said he was supposed to only have a liquid breakfast. So we will try again in two weeks.