Tuesday, February 6, 2007

RIP Randy Mathney

Randy Mathney
RIP~February 05 2007
1074 th Outlaw

You was a great man, son, brother, boyfriend, friend, roommate, and a brave soldier!
Thanks for risking your life to protect us! I know that you will be watching over our OUTLAWS now and making sure they will be coming home safely. You will remain in our thought and my brothers. I know that he love you like a brother, well hell you was a brother to him, if you can live with him in the same room for 4 month and take his stinking butt....lol I will miss chatting with you on the computer and talking to you on the phone letting me know what my brother is up to or when he went on missions. Now your on a permanent mission to go up and met the big guy upstairs and to get your wing so you can fly over the 1074th Outlaws and guide him home. We will miss you man!! Hooraw