Thursday, February 8, 2007

What a week!!!

Well it has been exciting and sad week! I so excited that Ace is coming home for two week and then he will be returning to Iraq for least another 6 months. Its going to be hard to let him go again especially after he lost his best friend, but i know that my brother has a job and his job is to help those less fortune then us! So i just wanted to say that I am very proud of my brother and all the men and women over there. I do have a different outlook on the war in Iraq. I think what really change my point of view is seeing some pic and videos of our men handing out candy to the little children over there, you can see in the back ground there was trash all over the streets cause they don't have dumps over there and sewer running in the streets where the children are playing. Its so sad to see that they don't have play ground to play in, they don't have much toys like our kids do, and to see those children feel safe enough with your troops over there is just so priceless. Cause with the war and all the killing over there those kids trust us. It just show no matter how rough it gets over there they are trusting us to help them so they can have a better life and i am OK with that! Ace is bringing Mathney home with in the next couple of days and will be staying with him until the funeral which i think is pretty cool. My brother said that he told Randy that whatever happens that he will be there to take care of him, that he has his back! So that what my brother doing bring Randy home for his family and his girlfriend! Theres a lot more i would like to say but something i think i going to keep private. I just hope people thanks there guardian angles for keeping you safe and here on earth. God bless Everybody!