Thursday, July 26, 2007

more random pics.

one of my favorite parts of the house!

pick me up MOM
my three amigos

how can you say "NO" to this face

Dalten favorite thing to do in the kitchen
ok this might scare some of you, but i found him this way one morning
and i just started to laugh cuz ever since the day i found out i was
pregnant with him he has done nothing but made me worry! Just ask my
he didn't even cryed the first day he was born and they did everything underneath the sun to make him squeal.

Bryan took this one being a smart butt! but this is my new kitchen
i'll take more pics some other day
"buddy whats wrong"
Dalten and Austin

Dakota's mohawk for a day!

A bond that will last forever!

Well Tammy (my cousin), Crissy and I decided we want
to do something special to represent us! Each of has gone through
something difficult in our lives and have made through it. Now we share this bond,
freedom and strength that no one will knock us down! So we decided to get a blue star that mean something to us and only us! But im sharing only the pics with you guys! It was fun and amazing that even tho. we are family but also the bestest friends!
the boys watching it...they said they wanted to see us in pain
Crissy went first
deciding if it the way we want it
look at her face all she was a sweatin too!
Tammy's turn
oh man it hurts!
ok i was freakin sweating cuz the closer he got to the inside
of my toe the more it hurt! i know chicken
our stars!
Bond, Freedom and Strength

Mr. Smarty Pants

look mom watch what i can do
he was actually trying to see the dog underneath the porch

Im going to be a dare devil
luckly my hips are wider than my

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!

Well since i wont be here on my birthday i going ahead and wishin myself
On this day July 31st, my mom was in labor with me for 34 hours, now you know why my mom says i am pain in the butt or stubburn cuz this world wasnt ready for me I can't believe that i am 26yrs old... time just fly to dang fast!



Some Updates on US!

We will start off with Bryan, well he got all the harvest done,now just waiting for the corn harvest so we have a lil time that we though we go on vacation to Estes Park. We are all excited and cant wait to go just have a few days and then we are off!
Me~ i been busy this summer just hanging out with some family that came up from Texas, also a everything together in a week to do a garage sale and i made over $300.00 cant complain i did really good but there is still a lot of stuff in my garage that i don't want to pack back up, so i am planing on havin another one this weekend before we leave! Other than that just been busy with the house and the kids!
Dakota has been really enjoying havin his cousin up here, they been hanging out and staying the nights together, he was upset last night cuz Daniel had to go back home today! Dakota just sign up again for flag football, this will be his 3rd yr. He loves it and plus he makes new friends every time! So that will start here shortly, but that mean i will be going to McCook three to four night week... but i don't mind to much i love watchin the lil kids play!!!!
Colten, is doing so much better with his speech after his surgery, but that mean he is talking more and starting to repeat EVERYTHING we so mommy and daddy really have to watch what we say now...Colten has been in a real good moods and having a blast this summer with swimming lessons and hanging out with Daniel. He still have problem about the new house, he keeps saying he wants to go home, so we have to remind him that this is our new home, he will get sooner or He will be starting Preschool in McCook this year and then will be going to Culbertson next year and he all excited to go to school with big brother!
Now Dalten, let see last month he start to clap and shake his head 'NO'. He's not walking yet just around all the furniture but he gets around fast... He has a leg pointing out so we made a app. for him this week to see the chiropractor to see if his back is out, then if his leg still not better then we will see what the doc says, either surgery or braces on his legs.... We all was hoping with him walking around it would straiten up, but it hasn't and because of that he doesn't get a good balance to stand up on his own and walk on it! He has been shocking us by taking steps here and there for us! Yesterday he took three steps to my cousin Tammy and two steps back to me! It wont be Other that he has been enjoying the new foods that we introduce him with... his favorite so far is hamburgers and gram What a combination! Well that whats been going on and i will update more when we get back!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The BIG Apple!

We had a blast going to the Big Apple in Kearney! Our cousins Tammy and Daniel is getting ready to head back down south so we though before they leave we have one more day of fun! So we got up early in the morning to take the kids to the Big Apple, but i dont know who had more fun the kids or the big big kids! I never laugh so hard in my life.....but we had a great time spending it all together, by the time we left there (7 hrs later) we starting to head out town Bryan look back to check on the kids make sure they had there seat belts on, Colten was already pasted out to dream land!
Well we will miss you cuz and see next year! Love ya!
Tammy and Daniel

Aletha, Crissy, and Tammy!

Captain Morgan!!!

Look who's behind


Who's got the bigger bite?!?!?

Tammy! What are you doing?!?!?

We mastered the black~light mini golf
Bryan actually made a hole in one on the 18th hole

Colten having a blast!
Bryan wants to build this in our backyard... i told
we will see about
Dalten chowing down on some french fries!
Bryan i see you!

someone taking a great snooze!

playin around at Hobby Lobby
dont he looks so