Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Updates on US!

We will start off with Bryan, well he got all the harvest done,now just waiting for the corn harvest so we have a lil time that we though we go on vacation to Estes Park. We are all excited and cant wait to go just have a few days and then we are off!
Me~ i been busy this summer just hanging out with some family that came up from Texas, also a everything together in a week to do a garage sale and i made over $300.00 cant complain i did really good but there is still a lot of stuff in my garage that i don't want to pack back up, so i am planing on havin another one this weekend before we leave! Other than that just been busy with the house and the kids!
Dakota has been really enjoying havin his cousin up here, they been hanging out and staying the nights together, he was upset last night cuz Daniel had to go back home today! Dakota just sign up again for flag football, this will be his 3rd yr. He loves it and plus he makes new friends every time! So that will start here shortly, but that mean i will be going to McCook three to four night week... but i don't mind to much i love watchin the lil kids play!!!!
Colten, is doing so much better with his speech after his surgery, but that mean he is talking more and starting to repeat EVERYTHING we say...lol so mommy and daddy really have to watch what we say now...Colten has been in a real good moods and having a blast this summer with swimming lessons and hanging out with Daniel. He still have problem about the new house, he keeps saying he wants to go home, so we have to remind him that this is our new home, he will get sooner or later...lol He will be starting Preschool in McCook this year and then will be going to Culbertson next year and he all excited to go to school with big brother!
Now Dalten, let see last month he start to clap and shake his head 'NO'. He's not walking yet just around all the furniture but he gets around fast... He has a leg pointing out so we made a app. for him this week to see the chiropractor to see if his back is out, then if his leg still not better then we will see what the doc says, either surgery or braces on his legs.... We all was hoping with him walking around it would straiten up, but it hasn't and because of that he doesn't get a good balance to stand up on his own and walk on it! He has been shocking us by taking steps here and there for us! Yesterday he took three steps to my cousin Tammy and two steps back to me! It wont be long...lol Other that he has been enjoying the new foods that we introduce him with... his favorite so far is hamburgers and gram crackers..lol What a combination! Well that whats been going on and i will update more when we get back!!!


The Hoskovec's said...

Happy Early Birthday! Hope you have a great vacation! It is great to hear your family is doing great! Now I just have to remind my daughter to stay away from the Hagan boys! ;)