Friday, July 13, 2007

Culbertson's 4th of July Celebration

I was so proud of the two boys getting up at 6:30 in the morning to go race at the kids 1/3 mile race that the Culbertson put on 4th of July! They had a lot of fun, but they were so tired before lunch! So what cheered them up was Bryan letting them ride on the Culbertson fire truck during the parade, poor Dalten and I had to sit by ourselves ,until some family and friends came and join us! We had such a full but a BLAST day!
On ur mark~get set~ GOOOOO!!!
Dakota and Daniel's cheering section

Daniel comin in 2nd place

Dakota comin in 6th place

the boys takin a breather after the hard race they ran!

the boy getting a free ride

Tom, Dakota and Daniel getting the crowd wet!

Bryan wavin to the crowd

Colten riding on the fire truck with daddy


Dave Ja Vu said...

I'm so happy when I see updates! Thanks! It looks like the boyz are having a great summer!