Thursday, July 26, 2007

A bond that will last forever!

Well Tammy (my cousin), Crissy and I decided we want
to do something special to represent us! Each of has gone through
something difficult in our lives and have made through it. Now we share this bond,
freedom and strength that no one will knock us down! So we decided to get a blue star that mean something to us and only us! But im sharing only the pics with you guys! It was fun and amazing that even tho. we are family but also the bestest friends!
the boys watching it...they said they wanted to see us in pain
Crissy went first
deciding if it the way we want it
look at her face all she was a sweatin too!
Tammy's turn
oh man it hurts!
ok i was freakin sweating cuz the closer he got to the inside
of my toe the more it hurt! i know chicken
our stars!
Bond, Freedom and Strength