Thursday, August 30, 2007


On August 29, at 4:30 in the afternoon I had sadly found our favorite bunny's in our yard, but there souls have left them and went up to bunny heaven! They life's were taken by a salvage beast ..aka... MYKA the mal/wolf dog!
Its sad that our dog took our bunny's away, but only being 4 months old she thought she was only playing... They will be missed !
It was funny cuz after I scold myka telling her bad dog she drop her head down and went under neath the deck and finally around 11 last night i had to drag her out to show her i wasn't mad anymore! But i knew she didn't mean to and that she was sorry!


The Hoskovec's said...

I am sorry for your families loss. Its hard for kids to understand that sometimes, but a good thing to learn. We lost a dog a year ago and Colby still asks about it sometimes.

Wheelers said...

Ahh...the same thing happened last week to Maycee's bunny! Our dog like dug into it's cage :(