Monday, June 23, 2008

~Puppies For Sale~

Well are puppies are ready to go and find a new home
they are 8 weeks old as of last saturday. The mama is a malamute/ wolf
and the daddies are labs! I just want $10.00 for them just to cover all the puppy
food cost... They are soooo adorable, i really dont want them to go but its to costly
to have all of them...and people would start calling the dog lady. I want to find them the best
home. If you would like one just comment and i'll get a hold of you. Now they all have been d-worm. There next treatment would be when they are 10 weeks old!

The twins....Reese and P.B. 1 boy and 1 girl
This one we called Princess~ girl and she is black with some
brown tint to her...very cute

the twins again.
Now this lil guy is a runt and he's only 7 lbs right now
he very adorable.

Now this lil whitie is a boy and everyone said he reminds him
that toilet paper he's very laid back!

This one we call Brownie, he one of my favorites...he alway have to
greet me before going he's all brown but his tummy has some
whit markings and his eyes are grayish blue...i'll be sad to see him go!
this lil fat short guy looks just like mommy when
she was a puppy but mama was a lil
He is so funny to watch play around in the yard!

and this lil girl is my favorite too....she has the markings of the wolf
but might take the body type of the lab....she just adorable
Actually they are so dang adorable....i hate to see them all go
but its time...i think cuz they stay much longer i'll have to find a job cuz im going to want to keep all of If any questions...just ask!


brusoe2000 said...

I've heard rumors also that there might be a blue kidnapper in the stratton are also...maybe worth looking into.

Blackmans said...

How much for the little boy in the pictures?

Blackmans said...

How much for the little boy in the pictures?

The Hagan Clan said...

lol he's not for sale...SORRY!