Thursday, August 14, 2008

We went PEE-PEE in the POTTY!!!

Give this lil man a round of applause....He went pee-pee in the potty!!
Im so proud of you hon!
Dalten been wanting to use the toilet since he turned 1, but if you was around him alot you know he was way too short to even reach it with a step stool....but he would pull his diaper off and pee by it.
Well that also lead to bigger messes as he would pull his diaper all the time even when he it was nasty mess to clean up all the time and it was during the time i was working too....but i think i was just too lazy to really help him out...So i decided when we got back for our trip i would buy him a potty chair (which non of the other kids would use one). So we played with it for a week, showed him it was there...and yesterday Bryan and I decided to buy his own underware...So when he first woke up this morning i took him in there, he set on there and to help him out i turned on the sink and what you know...he did it!!! Your becoming mommy's big boy now!...i just want to some pics as he was showing off his underware!!


Blackmans said...

Good job, Dalten!!! Holy cow!

charlie said...

YAY!!! Waht a big boy! Keep it up!!!

Wheelers said...

Oh, he's just sooo cute :) I love his little legs :) This is great! old is he??? He isn't much older than Ashton, is he??? I dread this... :)

brusoe2000 said...

Congrats mom...he's growing up really fast now. That is just so cool.

Crissy said...

OMG.. i am sooo happy for u... i am soo proud of Dalten.. He is goin to be an underwear model.. did u really look at those pics.. i love the one where he is laughin..