Monday, December 8, 2008


Destructive~tending to destroy; causing destruction or much damage. Now when i looked this word up i swear i would found Dalten name in it....I believe seen the time i came home from the hospital...he had something against me...I truly believe that he was so mad that i have abandon him for 11 days...that he's done everything in his power to get back at me....since I wasnt able to do much and its hasnt been easy for me to get around that he try to destroy everything he could cuz he knew i couldnt catch him time to stop him!...He's been a monster....(but i still Love him)

I was on the phone with my mother when i heard the kids running around and laughing downstairs......
and this is what i found.....them covered in cornstarch...just say mama wasnt happy

but i had to take these pics so i can laugh about it
I had to use the vacuum to clean them off...these pics. dont do the justice...
then later that nite i came in the living room from going to the bathroom and found crushed chips ALL over my living room floor ( a full bag)...due to Dalten...i was so tired and in so much pain all i could do was cry! I still wasnt able to vacuum yet, my beloved son Dakota help me out....Thank you Dakota... I love you so much...i love all three of ya! That was last week.... This weekend he took a orange marker and drew all over my new couch set, he has gotten ahold of a black lipstick and drew all over his face, a blue marker and drew it all over his face, this month so far he has completely dumped four bottles of my seasoning salt for my meats....cuz he's learn to climb the counters by himself...and i just cant keep up with out lil man cuz mommy's getting better!


The Southworth's said...

OMG - what a little terror....LOL. I hope you can laugh a lot about all of this real soon. Hope your are getting better!!!!