Thursday, September 6, 2007

Luv being an Aunt!!!!

Bruce Jr. and Dawn Hagan

They are expecting their forth child on January 5, and they are having another boy! YAY..... They have 1 girl and two boys! Cant wait to meet Blake Alan Hagan!

Bryce and Mary Hagan

expecting with their first...with twins
they will be finding out real soon on the sex of them
we are all exited and cant wait!
Mary is due end of February but for being pregnant with twins she can go real early!

Bret and Katie Hagan

expecting their first child, 2nd week in January
They might keep the sex of the baby a secret till he/ she is born! We cant wait!

I will be an aunt 4 times by the being of next year i am so excited... I am hoping for more girls in the family. I am keeping my fingers cross! For Bruce and Susan (the grandparents) by Christmas next year they will have 10 grandchildren celebrating with them! Its being to be a big family...and i still have a sister inlaw and brother inlaw to go! Its great for my kids to grow up with a lot of cousin, and i am loving being an aunt!


Wheelers said...

Wow-that's a lot of babies! Marty & I have 14 nieces & nephews-it's a lot of fun!

Dave Ja Vu said...

That is a LOT of babies on the way!