Monday, September 24, 2007

Hagan Clan updates!

Wow this has been a busy month, full force wheat drillin for Bryan, Dakota and Colten going to school all week long and the playin during the weekends when we are home! Well as for me working and keeping up with the kids and let me tell you my dogs are sure begging for a comfy
bed at night! In October Dakota is playing basketball at the YMCA, he's very excited about that! Colten well he's going to start being cranky here real soon cuz he loves to play outside but as the day comes closer to fall he going to be cramped in the house which thank goodness we have a bigger house and i can send him to his toy room or down in the He's getting very excited for Halloween to becoming cuz we are in the process of picking out his costume and also uncle Ace is coming home in three weeks from Iraq....WOO-HOO! We just celebrated Dalten's first birthday this Saturday with all the family and friends! It was awesome and a lot of fun! Thanks for all the awesome gifts and coming up and celebrating his birthday with us! Dalten has been cranky lately as he is teething more and we also been working with him to change over to regular milk. He likes it and his tummy has adjust to it! He has 6 teeth now and working one more to come thro... poor lil guy! He also been trying to talk. Several of us heard him saying "thank you" and "Dakota". Hard to seem i know... also he came to me the other day and slap me and at the same time he said "stop it" almost knock me off my chair. Bryan is farming and still will be for another two months. I really dislike this time of year, cuz it seems like forever before we get to see him! Also he hates being way from his kids too! He always afraid of missing something new with the boys and he said pics just dont work as the same! We agree! Well for me, everyone has been asking me how i like working at the school.... and let me tell you i just LOVE it... I love seeing the kids everyday with a smile on there face and saying thank you too me! I love working with Pam ( the head cook), we get along just fine and we make it fun! I get so happy when i see Dakota and Colten for breakfast and lunch they come in with smiles all the time. I do get to miss Dalten bunches but i know he is in good hands with Lindsay! I am so busy from the time i get there tell the time i leave...i am wiped out by 2 o'clock when i get home then i start right off mommy time and cleaning house and getting dinner done, then we are right off getting things ready for the next day! God has gave me another challenge and and i think im doing a good job so far! Well October is just around the corner and i cant wait, i love this time of year, with Ace coming home for good and Halloween, the leaves falling (which is a mess but the kids loves to play in it). Thats all i got for now ......tell next time!


Wheelers said...

I hear you about the farming thing..we totally miss Marty this time of year when he's drilling wheat and picking corn.
Dalten looks like he had a fun 1st birthday! He's so cute. Doesn't that first year go too fast?!? Sounds like you're keeping very busy, I'm glad you enjoy your job!

Blackmans said...

I'm so glad you love your job!! It sounds like you guys are busy! We can't wait to hear about Ace's safe arrival home! Keep us updated on that!

The Hoskovec's said...

I am glad to hear about AC too! I have been wondering about him! Looks like you guys are busy and at times I bet it seems like you need a little me time! Hope things slow down soon!