Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Colten's Big Day!

Today was a very sad day for me, my lil man is growing up so fast, Colten started preschool today! We woke up at 7 and he jumped right out of bed and got dressed and was ready to go! I was supposed to take him but i was up all night with a back problem so Bryan took him and took some pics for me... Bryan said that he went right in and started playing. Bryan also ask Colten if he was going to be OK and Colten just gave him a funny look so bryan said see you later and Colten just wave goodbye... Just makes me want to cry!!!!
Colten in front of his classroom
his cousin Alex Hagan, Colten and his side kick and best army pal Austin Brusoe!
(Lindsay (miner) Brusoes boy!


The Hoskovec's said...

Reading this and looking at the pictures almost made me cry, I am thinking oh my gosh this is going to be me pretty soon! Plus seeing Lindsay's little boy, it is so cool staying in touch like this and seeing people you don't normally see, unless at Walmart!

Dave Ja Vu said...

They have no fear, do they?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Colten started school! Khaliah is starting preschool in Hayes Center tomorrow. I think she'll love it! Britnee is going to be in her class too! Take care Aletha! :)