Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Update on Colten's Big Day.....

Colten had us fooled, his first day didn't go so swell. When i went up there to pick him up he came right to me and grabbed my leg and wouldn't let go...i ask if he had a great time, he said"NO"... All i got out of him was he was crying and was crying some more but lunch was Bryan took him back to school today cuz he wanted daddy, but Bryan said this morning he got the "LIP" we all know what that is. So we will see when i pick him up today on how it went!
are conversation last night....
me~ Colten you need to go brush your teeth and get ready for bed! You have school in the morning.
Colten~ alright but i not going to school
me~ yes your going
Colten~naa not going
me~ yes buddy, your going to go!
Colten~ nope not going
me~ OK your teeth are clean now let get u into bed, you need a good night sleep for school
Colten~ not going and your not going to make me!
me~ school is fun tho.
Colten~ well if you like school so much why don't you go then
me~ good night tator!
Colten~ FINE i will go to my room but im not going to sleep cuz im not going to school!
(Colten stomped upstairs~ i checked on him 5 mins later and he was out!)


The Hoskovec's said...

OH NO! Well he will start to enjoy it eventually and then as we all know hate it again! Good Luck!