Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our visit to North Platte!

Yesterday we packed up and headed to North Platte, i needed some paint for the kids bedroom and my office and did lil shopping and also went and visit Bryce and Mary and there new twin girls Riley and Raegen for the first time! We had a blast spending time with them all afternoon. Bryce played with the boys most of the time while Mary and I visited and Bryan snuggling with the girl....Bryan and Raegan grew attached to each other i think... it was quit cute!

Bryan and Raegan
Uncle Bryan and Riley catching some zzz's

Mary and Raegan
Bryce, Dalten and Dakota was playing chess while Colten and I was playing darts

Colten snapped this pic of Bryce and Dalten
Riley and I

Raegan, Riley and I
(if you can see Raegan wasn't happy with me for taking her from uncle Bryan) so Bryan told me to give his lil girl back... should saw Mary face.. like yea right your lil too funny!


The Hoskovec's said...

You guys definetly NEED a girl! Oh and how spoiled she would be! Looked like you guys had a great time!