Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I know....I know

I know its been awhile...i just havent been on my game lately...been real distracted , with the kids, the house, my uncle passing and other things...but nothing to new really has happened...i have 3 days off this week due to spring break, well i had 4 cuz one day for a funeral...so i well have a 5 day weekend...which i am so stoked about...also i get to see my twin niece tomorrow for the first time and might also get to babysit while mommy catch up on some sleep! So when i get back i should have plenty of pics of them....but for now here are some pics of this week...
my sister and i was trying different shoes for the funeral...
and i think Dalten was feeling left out... so he try them on too!
look at those sexy legs

oops had a lil trouble...dont worry mommy cant walk in those things either!

boys playing outside in the 80 deg. weather Saturday
still playing 4 hours later

finally after 4 hours they came in and crashed!


Crystal said...

Ok, so i remember when u took those pics of dalten in my high heels.... sooo adorable.. plus congrads sis!! Hopin for a lil girl!