Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby update!

Well i had my first appointment Friday... and it went for a due date the first one they are giving me is November 7, 2008 but i will have an ultra sound Tuesday and that will let us know for sure.... So we are going as i am 7 weeks till tues. and then we will go from there...Most of you dont know that i dont have a normal start of a pregnancy... Dakota i was 3 to 4 months long before i found out... Colten i was a week.. ( that one sucked cuz it seemed to take forever) and Dalten i had to periods in one month...(sorry guys im sure you didnt want to know that)... and so every pregnancy i have to have a ultra sound to know my right due date... and so far its been right on all of them... so we really cant wait to see what date this one give us....i hoping in October... or the first of November... I hate being huge and uncomfortable during the holidays... but i would love to have a Halloween baby! Other than that i been doing great hardly have morning sickness... so this one has to be a jk dont know for sure.... i do tho. have my terrible headaches but no strokes yet so i been really happy about that...but the doctor said soon those start they get me on some meds. to help to control that during the Bryan and i are keeping our finger crossed and hope they dont show up! As for some of you that dont understanding... we discover while i was pregnant with Dalten that my body has like a allergic reaction to me being pregnant...the hormones in my body dont agree with each other so the fight all the time against each other that will cause my body to have strokes...its not fun...It really hurts and i cant control when it that why we was deciding that we wasnt going to have anymore babies cuz i dont want to be driving and one comes on...cuz my body goes limp and i will lose i dont want to hurt my family...but we are going to do this one more time... and pray that nothing bad will happen!! But i will let you know this early Bryan and I decided that when it comes to seeing the sex of the baby we arent let anyone know what he/she is.... you all will have to wait and see when he/she is born....So you all can do your guess and see at the end of my nine months to see who is well thats it for now and i will let you know more on Tuesday!


The Hoskovec's said...

I am so excited for you! I will keep you in my prayers for your health and the baby.

Dave Ja Vu said...

Good to hear updates! Yay! Another Hagan!

I'll post my prediction on my blog sometime soon so you know what you're having...

hee hee