Friday, February 27, 2009

25 Random thing about me!

I read my friend Sarah blog this morning and she posted a 25 random things about i thought i would do it...lets see what i come up with!

1. My kids are my world....Having Dakota at 17 made me grow up really fast...but i would do it all over again. I love the fact each of my kids are different...i love there personalities, they can make me laugh in a blink of an eye! It really freaks me out that Bryan teases me that in 8 years Dakota would be ready to move out the house and i dont like that...i keeps saying they are all living we me until they are 30.

2. my bestest friend is Bryan, he's taught me alot over the years...This year we will be together for 12 years but only been married for 6. Bryan know's everything thing about me...with him i cant keep secrets...we love to talk to each other....sometime people say we love to argue...i think its true...I love the fact that no matter what, he says i love before he leaves to go to end of every phone call...or when i leaving to go somewhere...if i wake up in the morning and dont remember him giving me a kiss goodbye or saying i love you to me... i will call him and chew his butt out...just cause im so used to it.!

3. Just like Sarah, i'm a hand washer freak...i usually wash my hand like 20 times a day and it get really worse when i'm pregnant.....

4. most of you know this but i'm a major tom-boy....i hated wearing dresses..i used to like wearing skirts but i dont any more...i love to do all guy stuff...i think that's why God gave me three boys...i love four-wheeling, shooting, camping, racing, and i dont like to watch sports on tv...but I love going to see sports...i have to see the real thing to get excited! Bryan making me slowly into a girl...he's the one that got me wearing pink...jewerly...and to care for my fashion...before i careless but now i think he wants to be married to girl...not a Everyone jokes that i more manly then him...Im the tuffer one and he's more the sensitive one! (dont tell him i told you that...he would kill me). I can touch any bug or snakes...i love catching frog with the boy's in the summer....i used to have rats that were favorite one was Jessie.

5. I have had a psoriasis since i was thirteen....non-contagious autoimmune disease which affects the my skin and joints. Psoriasis is one of the longest known illnesses of humans and simultaneously one of the most misunderstood....and yet there is no cure for can be embarrassing....i had a lot of issues cause of it, and it made me unsocial lot of growing up....i used to wear pants and long sleeve shirts to cover it....just mainly cuz it gross other people out...but now i dont care i have learn to live with im just scared cuz i can pass it down to my kids and i dont want them to go through it. I also have arthritis in my joints cuz of my psoriasis.

6.lets am afraid of the dark...not so much that it's dark but what i cant see in the dark...when i lived out in the country i wouldnt go out after dark...if i did...i would run to my car and hurry up and turn the lights on. I guess it might be because of all the scary movies..which leads me to #7

7. I LOVE scary movies...the scarier the better, gory-er the better...i have watch all of the Saw movies...i love them. I will not watch the " These hills have eyes" because it has more disturbing thing more than anything...and the guy who has wrote has a twisted mind! My first scary movie was the Night of the living dead...and i still love the original movie...all the remakes are stupid...i watched my first Nightmare on Elm street when i was three or four...and loved everyone of them...i remember when my cousin and i used to play when we were lil we would sing the main rhyme off elm street....One two...Freddy's coming for you, three..four you better lock your door, five ....six grab your crucifix, seven ..eight gonna stay up late, nine...ten never sleep again! i still love it!

8.I believe in ghost and spirits....I have caught Dakota talking to one when he was lil...well people would say it was haunted but i used to live in the house that would have some ghost or spirits living in it.... When i gave birth to Dakota i knew my great grandma was by my side...i could here her talking to me! I knew when she died before we gotten the phone call! And i do believe there are evil spirits too...i had one run through the house one was quit freaky! I dont talk much about it! I know i sound funny on that one but it's happend during the day even and i wasnt the only one that saw it! As like Sarah i am also extremely superstitious!

9. I have what you called premenions...i dont think its the same as deja vu but im not sure. I actually get them all the time...but since i been taking meds to go to sleep i dont get them as often...or i dont remember them until it just about to happend!

10. i hate painting....i cant stand it at all...i so messy when it comes to painting...i will at the end of it have more paint on me then on the dang wall....i dont have a creative bone in my body either....i love to do crafts but im not a crafty person...

11. Im not a jealous person...until it come to people that are other than that...i dont get jealous...i dont think i have to have something that someone has...if i like it i will either get it or i dont. that is one of my pet peeves...

12. i cant take's gross! i cant even soak in one. I feel to dirty....for me to soak in a bath i would have to take a shower first!

13.My fear is heights....cuz once i was in a swing and my grandpa was swinging me so high that i was even with the bar on top, and i fell off! After that no heights for me...i can handle flying as long its at night...and i do love roller coasters but most the time i have my eyes closed so i dont see the ground!

14. I am the oldest of my brother and sister of my mom kids but im the youngest (i think) of my real dad kids! out four or five and my real dad is in his 60's

15.I love FOOD...i can never go on a diet....cuz i love food...not that i eat all the time...but i will eat what i want to eat....I'm a big beef and chicken lover....and dont mess with my spuds...i can eat a potato in a lot of different ways! The least favorite is liver...i cant stand the smell or the taste...there is not enough ketchup to cover that taste. Also i cant waste food...when i fix my plate or is someone else does...i have to try to finish it...i guess its the way i was brought up.

16. I can only eat ice cream in the winter...i cant eat it in the summer it makes me feel sick!

17. its funny cuz i am a short person...but if you measure the length of my legs its the same length as from my finger tips to the end of my torso....

18. I love music...i can listen to all kinds of music all day long, but im not a singer what so ever! But you ask me to name a song...i cant off the top of my head...or i cant tell you who sings it....that because of #19

19. i believe i have a short term memory loss...really i think i do...Bryan for years want me to check it out....I can listen to you and wont remember in hour what you said...unless you keep repeating it to me....I have to write on sticky notes to remember to do things! It started after i had Dakota...when i used to have my spells...that why Bryan wanted me to get it check out...cuz he thinks they were mini strokes!

20.Just like Sarah, im 27 years old and i dont know how to drive a stick....Bryan wants to teach me...but i have a fear of looking stupid...if i know im going to look stupid then i wont do it! But that the first thing my boys are going to learn how to drive when it come time.

21.Most people think im a bitchy person...really its just my looks...i guess learning over the years i have what you call a bitch look...i dont mean too but i do. You can win my friendship by making me laugh....i love to laugh...i love jokes... Thats why i married Bryan...he made me laugh from the first day i met him....but i cant stand to be around stupid people....*ugg* they drive me crazy...and also i cant stand FAKE people....i can call them out in a heart beat! On the other note i cant stand most girls...sometimes im ashamed to be called woman...cuz the way they not into...that backstabbing, two-face, whining, and crying crap. One of my saying is " put your big girl panties on and deal with it"

22. Im not a cuddlier nor am i a type of person to talk about my feelings... i do keep thing bottle up inside...unless i talk to Bryan...he seems to get it out of me! i dont mind to hug my husband or my kids...but i have a hard time hugging other people...or being touch by other creeps me out...just ask my mom...sorry mom!

23. I love to go to the bar every weekend....I dont drink maybe once a month....but i love to hang out with my friends from McCook and pool, bullshit, and listen to all of them sing karaoke...

24. I have a very sensitive nose....if my nose dont like something i start to gag....real bad...and its worse when im pregnant!

25. I have had grey hair since i was i have this one patch on top of my started to show more as i got at 17 i started to dye my hair...and i still do! The spot is bigger then a plum...and i have a hard time to cover it...the dye start fading off of it after a week....i inherit it from my great grandma! Just like i inherit my name from my great great grandma Aletha....i still have pictures of her and a beautiful necklace that she owned!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mobile pictures....

well since i havent been able to share pictures with ya...i took some of my cell the other nite, basically i was cleaning it here some to share

' a friend that dressed like John Rich and his friend was Big was awesome

and there wife dressed like Lucy and Ethel


this one for you cuz...hahaha

my cousin husband Jon...learning to climb pole...this is his new job!

my main man Jacob...he's so cool...i love his smile too...i just wished it turned out better

Cloe and Dakota

Colten's birthday

Work it baby Work it

caught Bryan catching some ZZZZ's

i love this dog...he's the shop dog, we call him burger!
it's funny the was he sits!
well there ya go that what i have for now.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Enjoying a nice warm day.....

Our day started with me waking up at 6, which is NOT normal for me...specially with sleeping problem i have...anyway woke the kids up at 7 and got Colten off to school, Dakota stayed home cuz he wasnt feeling so well. Then i cleaned the house a lil bit until 9 and then i left to go get my hair cut. After that i drove home and Bryan had Dalten feed and dressed for me so he could go back to McCook with me cuz it was pay-day. Was only in McCook for an hour and half. It was so beautiful out i didnt want to spend the day inside so all the kids and i went out to clean the yard up and put toys away, while we was doing that Bryan was building a new dog house for our dog Myka. When he got finish we all chipped in and help paint it...i think the kids had fun...after that was done it was time to fix to enjoy it and finish the night off with the kids by playing Candy Land....I love days like these, just wish we have more warm days...cant wait until spring! Plus I think the fresh air did some good for the kids....Hope you all got to enjoy this beautiful day as all have a good night!