Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mobile pictures....

well since i havent been able to share pictures with ya...i took some of my cell the other nite, basically i was cleaning it here some to share

' a friend that dressed like John Rich and his friend was Big was awesome

and there wife dressed like Lucy and Ethel


this one for you cuz...hahaha

my cousin husband Jon...learning to climb pole...this is his new job!

my main man Jacob...he's so cool...i love his smile too...i just wished it turned out better

Cloe and Dakota

Colten's birthday

Work it baby Work it

caught Bryan catching some ZZZZ's

i love this dog...he's the shop dog, we call him burger!
it's funny the was he sits!
well there ya go that what i have for now.


Blackmans said...

YAY pictures!!! That picture of Dakota and Cloe is priceless!

I also like the pictures you took of my kids. Next time you stop over I will actually take pictures of the kids with my camera!