Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Enjoying a nice warm day.....

Our day started with me waking up at 6, which is NOT normal for me...specially with sleeping problem i have...anyway woke the kids up at 7 and got Colten off to school, Dakota stayed home cuz he wasnt feeling so well. Then i cleaned the house a lil bit until 9 and then i left to go get my hair cut. After that i drove home and Bryan had Dalten feed and dressed for me so he could go back to McCook with me cuz it was pay-day. Was only in McCook for an hour and half. It was so beautiful out i didnt want to spend the day inside so all the kids and i went out to clean the yard up and put toys away, while we was doing that Bryan was building a new dog house for our dog Myka. When he got finish we all chipped in and help paint it...i think the kids had fun...after that was done it was time to fix to enjoy it and finish the night off with the kids by playing Candy Land....I love days like these, just wish we have more warm days...cant wait until spring! Plus I think the fresh air did some good for the kids....Hope you all got to enjoy this beautiful day as all have a good night!