Friday, February 22, 2008

Update of The Hagan Clan!

I've been real busy and tired lately, I'm sorry i don't have any new pics... just haven't had time to take any and also i think my camera is taking a crap on me, i might have to break down and get me a new one sometime....

I will start with Dakota, he's real ornery lately, i dont know cuz of the weather or if it cuz he's a year older and that much more closer to a teenager...but to tell you the truth i dont think that I'm really for He's been doing great in school...he was just in a 3rd and 4th grade quiz bowl, which blew Bryan's and my mind...cuz he's a total opposite from school and home when it comes to homework he just acts dumb...which i know he's not but he seems to struggle but when we get his report cards its all A's..... but back to the quiz bowl, we were very proud of him....his team did not won, but that's ok Dakota did answer some correct answer, to some questions that me nor Bryan didnt know... needless to say him acting dumb at home is not going to work I did get to see some face there that i haven't seen in years and it was nice to chat a lil with them. Dakota has been doing a basketball camp with the Hitchcock County school and been having a lot of fun, they even played during halftime of the boy's or girl's high school games. It's hard to believe that its almost end of February... and couple of more months it will be the end of his 3rd grade year...then on to 4th grade... it just seems a year ago he was in kindergarten!

Colten just turned 4 and I'm still weeping over it, preschool has been very good for him. His speech has improved so much since he started and that's what we was hoping. He has learn a couple of songs... one of his favorites is Jingle Bells...ok im back, my lil monkey Dalten just shut off my computer....back to Colten, after the changes of going to morning class and switch to afternoon class there has been some down falls from it...more whining, he wont go to bed when he's supposed too and just other lil few things...but i guess there nothing we really can do about it tho. There has been talk of having another baby in the family, Colten just loves the idea and he's been demanding on having a lil sister... i think his grandparents might of had an hand on that one ...not for sure but i think so. He his soooo ready for the summer to get here...he was born an outside baby. He ask everyday when does the cold go away so he can play out side...REALLY when will this cold weather go away...I'm so ready for it to be summer too! Colten has been a great big brother these past few months... him and Dalten has really gotten even more closer. When Dalten does something Colten says.."Oh honey that's just too cute" it has been "Oh honey"! Bryan says he gets that from me...It's too funny when Dalten done something Colten comes up to him and pat him on the head and says oh honey, i keep reminding him that he is your brother not a lil doggie as a pet! They are just too cute together! Now on the other hand him and Dakota are arguing left and's always MOM he did this or MOM he said that... i just want to put them in a room together and let them fighting it out...OMG I just sounded like my father...toooo scary!
On to the orneriest of them's Dalten, he has been the funnest character ever! He's still small for his height but he's so cute... i have a lot of people ask me his age and cant believe it cuz they think he's so lil...he still wears 12 mouth clothing which help out, that i dont have to really get him new clothes...He starting to reminds me a lot of his oldest brother and try to cuteness his way out of you seen past pics of the peanut butter scene, well there has been plenty more! For instance we can't trust him around a toilet, (dont know how many times a toy has clogged it) or toilet paper unraveled and thrown everywhere....nothing safe on the kitchen tables or counters cuz he have learn to climb....the next time i'll probably see him on top of my fridge. Also he's so freakin smart he might not able to talk very well yet but he perfectly understands everything you say...for instance he knows how to shake his head "NO" but we cant get him to shake it yes...well one day he was trying to get my drink and i was shaking my head no...and saying it several time...then out of the blue he shook his head and said yes...lil stinker i swear! He know how to turn the tv off and on...and only really he does it when i so interest in my shows! When he's hungry he'll will climb on the counter and grab a bowl out of the cupboard and bring it to me and point in it and says more.... when the other boys are fighting or too loud he runs to them points his finger and yell gibberish stuff to them....when he's mad at me or Bryan he does the same thing...and boy can he talk with his eye...he's really to cute when he does it, you can't help but laugh. When he's so upset with Bryan he will be looking at him and just squints his eyebrows and close his eyes and if we can only hear what he's thinking...but then he might be in a lot of trouble if we He does say the normal things like mom, dad and sometimes bye bye...he blows kisses...he's great hugger and kisser too! His new thing is waving his hand back & forth and saying go away....There isn't a day go by that he just makes us laugh!
Well that's how our kids been I'll come back later and let you know what the parents been up too!!