Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Well i hope everyone had a great Valentines day... i know our family sure did!
Today I had volunteered to help out the preschool Valentine Class Party.
So my duty was to come up with three games... i tell you what it was hard to come
up with a game for 3 to 4 yrs old when their attention span is like shorter than 5 mins.
I was surprise how well it went, we kept them entertained with dress-up mr. valentine, making a giant card and also bean bag toss! Thanks to Lindsay she showed up to help me and another mom! I though it was hard keeping up with 4 or 5 preschoolers, i was wrong try 21... they sure keep you going!
It was a blast tho., had a lot of fun!
Lindsay helping me out with the class party...(GOD BLESS her)
one of the games dress up Mr. Valentine

second station was making a big card for the principle and sectary
Colten using some of his creativity
Mr. Austin all smiles
part of the preschoolers
"Someone say TREATS"
delicious cupcakes
Dalten hanging out with the big boy's