Monday, February 4, 2008

i feel like a new lil boy!

In December Dalten gotten his first hair cut!
Surprisingly he did very well, other than there were a few
moments he felt he had to giggle and move cuz she was tickling him!
But after we gotten home that day, during the evening while i was loading the washer
Colten decided to cut his hair and Dalten hair i guess he didnt like it, he was going to fix
lets get started

not to bad

ok its my turn to help

How do i look!
(these pics below was Colten famous job)

(OK for some reason it wont let me type in the middle pics)

pic #1. you really cant see Dalten's bald spot, due to his hair was so light and it wasn't noticeable.

pic#2. that was a pile of Colten and Dalten hair!

pic.#3. again pile of their hair... if you notice from the very first pic when Dalten was gettin his hair done... that was 9 in the morning and his eye's weren't red... as you can see these bottom pics Dalten eyes were red by 8 in the evening... that was a major bad case if pink eye...dont know where that came from!

pic.#4. can you see the lil bald spot in Colten head...nice job buddy! No it wasn't to bad on both of them, but it made me mad after i realize i spent $5 dollars each and all long i could of had Colten done it for free! (LOL)


The Hoskovec's said...

OH NO! You are right though it doesn't look terrible!