Monday, October 8, 2007


A friend from the army has sent us this website of these pics that someone have takin of our men and woman being welcoming back into the states! This the first time for alot of them step foot here in America and the first step was in Maine! I thought i would share some pics with all of you!

I tell you what when i seen a picture of my lil brother tears came rolling down my face, so now i cant wait tell Friday to see him!

Ace with his head cocked!

Ace's second roommates girlfriend she was over there with them
both of them, i have chatted with her over the year, nice young lady!

you all know this young solider, Jake

This man is the best, i tell you what Collins kept me inform. about
my brother all the time! I am so dying to meet this man! (Collins is on the left)

Ace told me that whenever he was in an airport alot of people would come over and shake his and tell him how proud they are of him and all the other

men and women over there... I love this pic, it shows what i was talkin about!

Ace is the third one back, you might not recognize him cuz he

lost his glass in June when he got hit by the IED bomb... but i

can spot him from anywhere... ok well mom

here is Collins again probally making an update on his myspace

bulletin letting us know when they will be in North Platte...just a

i do have more post on ace under this one but here is the website if you want to take a look
there 200 pics!


Blackmans said...

YAY!!! I am sure it is a huge relief to have him in the states again! Thank you for posting the pictures. He looks good!

The Hoskovec's said...

Are you still planning on having a welcome home thing in Palisade or anywhere? Just curious?

Anonymous said...

I was going to but Richard Alan is planing on something around Nov.11 but when i get more info. i will post it for all of ya! All i do know is it will be in Palisade at the school!!!


Sherman said...

That is so cool. I always ask my brother how he's doing. Very exciting that he will finally be home. Happy to hear it. Great pictures.