Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ace's Homecoming!

He is home for good!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!! It was a very special day for alot
of people on Friday.
Husbands, fathers, brothers,boyfriends, uncles, Moms,
wives, sisters,aunts and friends in 1074th Outlaws made it home to
a well~hearted welcome back! I dont think i have seen so many people
in tears at one time, but i did that day! Sorry it took me for awhile to post
but something was wrong with the blogger... but i got some pics up now!!!!
Colten waiting patently for Ace
Aunt tootie
Richard Alan and Jakes grandma
this flag was "HUGE"
Richard Miner
Ace supporters...k.. i mean family waiting for him

well known supporter
got a quick sister snap shot in there while we was waiting,
i havent seen her for a month since she been in college really miss the brat!
wondering why there so many people there
Randy Mathney's Dad (Gary) and his sister Karen that just gotten back for Iraq over a month ago!
Ace is there in the front seat pointing at us!
Allan was the first one to greet Ace and they turned around just in time for me to take it
It turned out good!

Where's "Dakota"
Dakota and Colten was there with wide open arms and full excitement of seeing Ace
but poor Colten got cut out of the pic. sorry bud
Ace and Karen
the three amigos back together again
OK bad pic mom....really it is
Ace and his best bud Wardo!!! i know you cant see it but there were tears!!!

Ace and Aunt toot
Dad and Ace

Ace and Lindsay
Ace and Officer Jones ~he's also a great man, he just gotten back from Iraq over a month ago!
when they dedicated Mathney, Ace held back the tears really well
the crowd
the crowd "2"
the crowd "3"
Mathney boots and gun!
Its great to see that smile again
ok this lil girl was so cute she was dress just like her daddy

Dalten wasnt into the speeches that much
Major Collins getting a special plaque

Dedication to PFC Randy Mathney
Giving Randy Mathney family a plaque that the 1074th had down for them
It was just a awesome moment just remembering what this man had sacrifice for us!
You really couldnt see a dry face in this gym after this...
with this platoon Randy will never be left be hind or forgotten
He one of the trustiest hero's.
Thanks Randy Mathney for serving our country!


Blackmans said...

Thank you so much for posting pictures!
Thank you Ace for everything you sacrificed to serve your country! It's so good to know you are home!!

The Hoskovec's said...

I am so Proud of Ace. These pictures just made me cry! I got to hug him at the football game last Friday night, he drove my niece Jessie around for Homecoming! He looks so GOOD!

Anonymous said...


We are all so glad you're home and we're so proud of you! Welcome home and THANK YOU.

God bless.

Dave, Amy & Jack

Anonymous said...

I've got to stop looking through these pictures. Makes me cry EVERY TIME! The video was good, and I recognized the Hagans and Brusoes immediately!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking at your pics Aletha! I'm also glad Ace & the rest of his buddies are home! We owe them our gratitude for a job well done! :)

Sherman said...

Thanks for posting these. I know Andrew is so happy to have him home as are so many other people. It's nice to know he's here and safe and having a good time with family and friends.