Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Home is where the Story begins"

I will start by saying "Thank You" for all of your support this past year of Ace being over in Iraq and all the welcoming him back home! He feels like its his two week leave and has to go back, but he dont ever have to go back so woo-hoo! It was an awesome weekend to have my brother and sister back home, but sadly my sis had to go back to Hayes, which she has a new job so we still wont be seeing much of her :(, but she has to do what she has to do and that is to pay for her MIC While she was home we hanged out much that we can even threw a party at my house which ace hasnt been able to do for a year and believe me it i have pics so prove it but i will be nice, well maybe not you did puke on me, that wasnt cool....ok i will show some pictures

Anyways we are all doing good, been very very busy tho. Bryan still harvesting, he was hoping to be done by Halloween but with the rain we aren't for sure now. We will have to wait and see, altho. it was nice havin him home for a couple of days due to the rain! Dakota is so stoke that his uncle is home, he always ask to go with Ace! I dont think he wants to miss anything with uncle Ace! Ace wants to go to Dakota's class and say thanks for all the letters and everything but we decide that he going as Dakota show and tell, so he can tell them what type of bugs they have over there, since that what there class is doing, it's all about bugs...(GROSS). Its has been interesting around here for a couple of months with Dakota bringing home dead and alive bugs so he can take to school, but there has been some runaways here in the house, which i think we found all of them, including the frog!!!! Even tho. this project has been neat I hope its over pretty soon! Colten is LOVING preschool, even tho. he gotten his butt kick by another preschool, but he's doing fine! We have our fist teacher/parent conference soon, so i am so looking for to that! Colten has grow up a lot this year it makes me happy but also sad in a way! He must be learning something cuz i heard him last night singing the twinkle lil star to Dalten which was so dang cute! On to Dalten which dont slow down for a min. He has been a blast, he have gotten his 8th tooth in today! Which came clear to me why he kept biting me last night! Dalten started this new stomping with his feet which reminds me of river dancing, OH NO! I hope he dont become one of those river dancers....oh please help me...oh wait it also looks like tap dancing, there we go tap dancing is much better! Oh wow i almost had a heart attack Anyways its very cute! Bryan was very excited to get his first kiss from Dalten last night, with Bryan having facial hair Dalten didnt like it! He's has been having a blast over Lindsay everyday, which makes me very happy.... that was always my problem if i leave my babies somewhere will the be taken care of, well dont have to worry about Lindsay, she very awesome... cant think of anything new that Dalten's doing other than taking baths in the toilet or discovering himself, which if i was a boy "OUCH"! other than that its just chasing the other boys or let see what we can get into before mom figures it out! As for me I'm LOVING the job, its very nice to get out of the house...well other than it makes me go to McCook in the afternoon's now, which sucks...oops said a no-no word.."MY BAD"! Other than that been very busy, still cant get my house in order yet which i know it takes time! But i am here, alive and believe it or not still have all my hair...well I'm getting more gray but its all there!

"Help" i fallen and cant get up!!

Ace and Crissy havin a chat

you can tell Ace starting fell real good at this point!

"WTH" are you looking

Well long story short, Ace thought it would be a good idea

to play in my sprinklers and get wet....even tho. it was like 40 outside and he only use to over
100 degree weather... so we try to warm him up then he passed out on us...So Lindsay being tipsy decides to pet ace head like a was one of those thing you had to been

Andy jammin out with his air guitar... he was the "BOMB"

It was a very awesome night just to hang and have fun! Even Bryan and Andy and they were the sober


Anonymous said...

It's so good to have Ace home! I'm glad he got to relax Saturday night. Looks like everyone had fun! :)

The Hoskovec's said...

Looks like a GREAT Time! Ya, I figured Ace didn't know me and there was so much going on, I didn't want to bug him too much! Can't wait to see you all one of these days!