Thursday, July 26, 2012

Picture of our Vacay!

The Mountains ~

                 So there is a LOT of pictures to see and this wasn't even half of them. :0) . We hope you enjoy!
So i notice all the pictures are not in order...SUPRISE SUPRISE... however i notice my captions are messed up as well. WEIRD. However you can start from the top or the bottom your choice.

                                                     Another favorite picture. Beautiful car!
                                                        The elk was covering the road

                                                           One of Buffalo Bill

                                                                        I adore that lil face

                                                                 King of the Mountain.

                                                                     The Denver Zoo!

                                                              This makes me laugh every time
                                                                  i see it.

                                           I know this picture is not clear but i love the colors
                                                                  Emma taking some pictures too.

                                                                          My lil drummer boy!

Casa Bonita

                                                              funny boy

                                                                Downtown Aquarium

                                                           Dakota don't take good

                                                                         My family!
                                                               One of my favorite pictures
                                                          Emma " eat my finger ish, eat my finger"

                                                   This picture doesn't do its justice on how
                                                          big this fish was
                                                 I didnt get any pics. of us feeding the stingrays
                                                      We were to excited of feeding them.
                                                        One of my favorites the sea horse

                                                                         I love this picture!

Elitches Garden
As Bryan and I was going through the pics. we notice a smudge on some of them
which we think they might of been a spirit, who attach them-self to Bryan.
( the smudge (or spirit) is in a different spot each time.)

this is the only pic with the kids that had the smudge


                                                                 Here is the first one with Bryan

                                                the second one its between Bryan and Emma

                                                                   My pretty girl Emma
The third one...this one was towards the evening.

Denver Colorado!