Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 Vaca for the Hagan Clan.....

   I will start off with telling you how our lil vaca went then in a couple of days i will post pictures. 

We loaded the camper Wednesday to head to Denver, we left Thursday morning heading to the campsite in Wheatridge. When we were getting closer i did mention to Bryan " what if they are full", which it never dawn on me tell then. He said we will figure it out when we get there. As we arrived we were in shock to see the campsite was nothing more than a parking lot with hook-ups ( not kid friendly at all). So we are on the search for a new one. As we kept looking at the next one it kept looking worse and worse. Some of them were mobile parks for some RV hook-ups but in the ghetto of the town. My nerves were reaching the highest. ( I WAS FREAKING OUT). Bryan as a calm man he is just said " we will get a hotel room tonight and figure it out". I never felt like such a failure in my life. My kids wanted to camp, i though i found a good spot. I always do a back up plan and didn't this time. I felt like i let my family down at this point, and my spirits of the trip was crushed.  So we get a hotel, the kids went swimming ( which always brightens there day, since they are part fish) and Bryan and I got to work looking for campsites. As we research and made phone calls, there were a lot that were full or they were 30- 40 miles away from Denver. I almost gave up and told Bryan lets go home. However came to the last site on google and there was a place, sounded good. However the office were closed for the night so we thought we will try it in the morning. Bryan told me well instead of our vacay starting today, it will officially start tomorrow. Then we both were relaxed and finally have smiles on our faces. So its Friday and we are up bright and early. Turn the tv and listening to what has happened in Aurora. It was so heartbreaking and scary cuz that was the town we were heading to that the campsite was at. We said a prayer for the people that was affected by the shooting and went on our way. Finally we gotten a campsite ( which was only 10 miles from the hotel  were we stayed the night  before) (Bryan and I had a good laugh about that one.)...hook everything up and went on our way to Eliches Garden.
Eliches Garden~
After waiting for 40 mins to go through the line to get in, we let Dakota and Colten run free to ride the bigger rides, Bryan and I took the two lil ones to the kiddie side. Oh Dalten and Emma had so much fun! The laughs and BIG smiles those two had all morning was just priceless!  After 4 hrs of non-stop playing and riding we all meet up for lunch and then we went over to the water park. OMGOODNESS...that place was freakin cold. I couldn't go pass my knees in the kids island...however it never stopped Dalten. He was going down the slide and swimming everywhere. Dakota came by and said the wave pool is a lil warmer (I said " of course with that many people peeing in it, it bound to be a lil warmer". Dakotas face was priceless after i said that) ;) We were there for a lil while longer but it was just too damn cold. So off to the rides again. This time Bryan had a bright idea for me to go with the older ones while he went with the younger ones to the kiddie section. OHMYGOODNESS. it was fun. However i realize with age (older you get) you get a lil bit more timid about going on the rides. As we would be standing in line watch the people before you on the roller-coaster, my stomach\ would start tying in knots. I did put my big girl panties on and got on the Mind Eraser...which the names speaks for the ride, the skate board and many more coasters. I had a great time with the boys and i started losing my voice for awhile.

Saturday~Cruising around and Downtown Aquarium~
 We decided that morning we would cruise around and show the kids the Capital building, The Mint, the Broncos stadium and other places.  Then we went down to the Downtown Aquarium. The kids LOVED it. They were so excited to feed the sting wrays and see the all the different kinds of fish, and of course the sharks. They had a 4-D movie/ride that we went on. It was the first time ever Emma set long enough to watch a movie...(which was on a 5 min movie clip of the Yogi Bear  and 5 min rollercoaster ride. ) She loved it. She had her hands up like everyone one else and giggling. All the boys had the biggest smiles on there face and they were laughing so hard.

Sunday~ Denver Zoo.
Took the kids to the zoo, which Dalten was so excited for. He kept telling us all the animals he wanted to see. Which was almost all of Bryan and I love the Denver zoo so much more then the Omaha zoo. After the day the kids decided they did too. There are some thing we like at the Omaha one but, its so spread out, feels like your walking miles before getting to see the next animal. (which on a hot day makes it a grouchy time for the kids). In Denver everywhere you turn there was an animal  or exhibit (which its easy and roomy to get around  with a wagon or stroller). However we joyed our day, well all of us except for Dakota at the end. He wanted to see his favorite animal which was the otters and they weren't there. He was upset! When we gotten back to our campsite we notice A LOT of cop cars around. Back of my mind was like great what kind of area did i pick for my family to be in. After watching the news we realize it was because of President Obama. He was visiting with the victims in the hospital which was a block away from us, the kids was so excited to be that close to the president. We were also lucky to see the president plane fly over us as well.  After talking to some of  the other campers, tJames Holmes apt. was only four blocks away from the campsite. Which was kind of scary cuz if they didn't disarmiedthe boobie-traps that was in his apt. , who know how far that would affected the area, and being close to it. (kind of make it a lil scary) But of course everything worked out and nothing happened.

We are headed back home. Stop at Wray for bathroom breaks and something to munch on. I was getting Emma Lou out of the truck, step on the road wrong and rolled my ankle. (NICE) Im getting to old for this kind of stuff. lol
Gotten home and unpacked the camper, while Bryan headed back to work. Kids and i enjoyed the rest of the evening relaxing  and playing. Well of course until 9:30 when i was calling the kids to come in from outside playing, Emma decided to fall forward going up the concert steps and busted her head open. Thankfully Bryan just gotten home from working on the pivots. After examining her for a couple of mins and trying to stop the bleeding decided to take her to the ER. After the doctor was playing around with her wound he decided that stitches would benefit more better then the super glue. So poor Emma Lou gotten two stitches. It took all three of our  powers to hold that lil girl down when stitching her up. Thats the only time she cried with this whole ordeal. We were sweating and tired afterwards. She gave us a good fight. lol

She is doing great, she still has a lot of swelling around the eyes and nose, she scraped up her nose pretty good as well. Of course she had do this NOW, when she supposed to be the flower-girl in her uncles wedding next weekend. ;)
Well that was our fun vacay for this year! Pictures to come in the next couple of days.

No matter how chaotic our family vacations can be, we always manged to have a lot of  crazy fun!