Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Its been forever!!!!!

So its been like what 5 or 6 months...we are still alive! Its been crazy busy. We have an new addition to our family. Miss Emma Marie Hagan! Well ill get you all caught up here.
Dakota~ is going to be 12 in December, he's the same height as me and he started that whole puberty thing...BOY I tell ya 11 yr old (puberty) and a pregnant mama dont go together...lol but we made it! His summer was fast but great. He started the 6th grade thats right i said it "6th grade". He started school and joined the high school football team as an student manger (which he LOVES it). So far his grades are all A's (which makes this mama proud). Other than that he loves being a big brother to his lil sister Emma...He has been a BIG HELP these past 5 months.
Colten~ well he's a funny one i tell ya, i smack Bryan every night he comes home and now he know that Colten has said something that i would know come out of Bryan's mouth...hahaha He's so much like Bryan its not even funny at times...lol Colten is growing taller, before i know it he'll be taller than me too! He had started the first grade and already the first week he was like a teacher's fav. (not saying that he is, just acts like it) Just say he could almost do no wrong with his teacher...but he's helps her alot in the classroom with out being ask, he's always polite and he such a easy going guy with a lil smart mouth! lol Anyways he had started flag football (which i been a bad mother and havent tookin pics) and he loves it...His coach Craw has taught him alot! He's also a proud big brother!
Dalten~well he had alot of changes this year and so proud of how he handle it! He's not the baby no more and i think he's okay with that. He also turned 4 on us and started preschool. ( that was a big change for mama and hard one as well). Dalten is amazing lil boy that can brighten up your day just by his smile! He's doing well with preschool and he's learning a lot...he still has trouble of letting me go in the morning, too many people around first thing in the morning at the school so i have been staying with him during breakfast (which is fine with me at least i know he's eating something) and then ill walk him to his class room and he has me stay there tell he sign in and then he'll let me go! Which its easier on both of us and also its our own bonding time with out lil sis! Which he loves to death!
Bryan and I are very busy...he's busy with work and im busy being a mother...i tell ya what when 10 pm hits i am so ready to hit the bed! We are doing awesome...we celebrate our 13 years of being together and our 7th year of marriage and we still love each other like the first day we met. I am dealing with some health issues but will be find. My body not handle the change of my tubal...so if it seems like im grumpy or pissy at times dont mind me...my hormones are so wack out at the moment and hope they straight out within 6 months.
And here is Emma Marie (Lou) Hagan...she was born May 24th 2010 at 7lbs and 13 ozs. with a lot of dark hair (which alot had fallen out but is now starting to grow back) with big beautiful blue eyes ( I hope she keeps)...she has been a wonderful and active baby (which is total opposite of when she was in my belly). About 3 weeks old she became a colicky GERD baby...now she has been on meds for the GERD which are helping out alot and for the colicky we have switch formulas and hoping she'll grow completely out in a couple of months...so that's why i havent been able to updated my blog! She has complete our family of seven and we are so proud to have her...We love and adore her very much.
Well that is it in a nut shell...ill get some pics to post soon! Thanks for taking the time!