Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's new with the Hagan Clan!

Well its been a busy household with everyday life and getting ready for the new addition to arrive in a couple of months! I do have new pics to post but i have to wait until i can find my photoshop cd to add on my laptop! So you'll have to wait!

Dakota~ he's been a normal 11 preteen boy! We have had some ups and downs with attitudes...but for most part he's been great! His thyroid meds are working great and he's starting to lose weight which makes him feel lots better! He's doing awesome in school, looks like he might be getting straight A's again...which makes me a very proud mama! He just rejoined 4-H again this year and he excited to do some archery and bb gun competition.

Colten~ well has been Colten. He's still a very ornery and smart boy! He has lost 5 teeth so far this year...he's been learning so much in kindergarten. His favorite thing he has learn was to read. So he reads to Bryan and I everyday.... he been doing excellent. He read a 2nd grade level book to me yesterday with just a lil help but not much! Colten is waiting for spring, he's been dying to play outside with out a coat! Other than that he's cant wait tell school is over to meet his lil brother/sister...which he tells me daily he hopes its a girl!

Dalten~my lil funny man has been busy! Of course this child only sit down for 5 mins He's been helping me around the house...he becoming a big boy...he's finally potty training full throttle...but he still has fear of the BIG so we can only get him to use his potty chair...makes it hard when we go we still have to use a pull-ups...i hope he gets over his height issue soon, before the baby comes! Other than that he's been great and funny...he makes me laugh all day long! I see alot of Bryan in him and i love it! He's been so loveable to me...which melts my heart when all day he comes up to me and just say I LOVE YOU and gives me a hug or a lil love bug!

Baby Hagan~ is doing wonderful...I can feel it growing.. Lil peanut has been very active at night, which makes hard to get any likes to calm down around 2 and then back up around 6...or unless im walking then it decides to wake We are getting closer to the end...Im 27 weeks which im coming to my 3rd trimester and starting of my 7 month! Whoo-hoo! I have finally gained 4 lbs. We have painted the baby room and slowly getting it together! Which we better finish soon before daddy starts farming! Next week i get to do that yummy glucoe test...yay hopefully i only have to do that once! I though i have picked a name out but then i found another one i liked but cant decided which one for sure now...oh thank goodness this the last time i have to do this....its hard to think of names that arent so over populated around here or something we like! I guess we will see at the end what we come up with!

Bryan and Aletha~ well we are great! Bryan been busting his butt at work like always.... we are becoming sad cuz farming is just around the getting to see him a couple of hours a night and his day off is coming to a end....When farming starts the boys be luckily to see him once a week....which makes it hard on Bryan and I, cuz Bryan misses them terribly and i always have to comfort them when they misses him! And since im going to be towards the end of the pregnancy i wont be able to take the kids out to the field much since i wont be driving much! Bryan has been wonderful and supportive (like always) and even when he's dog tired he's still make time for me at night even if its just to rub my back! Bryan has quit racing for good...he's hoping to take that time and go fishing with the boys this summer...that if he has time away from farming! Well i think thats it for now....I hope to update with pics soon! Thanks for reading!