Thursday, January 3, 2008

Recap on our December!

I just want to show you how busy our December is. We start of the month on the 1st we have our company's Christmas party, which is nice we all get together and all liquor On 3th taking the day to remember two special people that we have lost 3 years ago in a car crash...Grandpa Don and Grandma Ruth Hagan! We love and miss you dearly. Also a lot of day's in there where we are Christmas shopping too. Then the second week i have put my name in for the secret santa drawling at the school, so for two weeks i had to come up with too gifts for only $5 a piece which i may say is hard to do for a P.E. Teacher that is a guy.... I have a hard time finding my hubby something for Christmas. Then there is the long nites wrapping gifts, oh the back aches and paper cuts. Then Dakota turned 9 on the 16th and we just spent the day together which was nice, I promised him that he can have a sleep over in January cuz we are simply to busy to do it in December.
Then you have the week after that... it was just crazy, last week of school, i had a class party that i had to figure out and get done, a lot of baking, cleaning , more wrapping to do...then there was Christmas... we started of Christmas with Susan and Bruce on the 23th, 24th in the morning was ours and in the afternoon it was the Werner side, had a day of rest on the 26th, then on the 27th had the Hagan side, had a break on the 28th and on the 29th had Grandma Ruppert....then after that two days of just sitting on my butt! Then i also deal with strep throat (dont know if i spelled it right), pink eye, stomach flu, teething and ear infections! Boy was i tried!
Believe me it gets crazier!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aletha! I thought I was busy last month but after reading your blog I wasn't busy at all! lol It looks like everyone had a wonderful Christmas! PattyH :)