Saturday, January 27, 2007

Our Family

Bryan, Ace, Aletha, Dakota,Colten and our newest one Dalten.

This was our latest family picture before my brother Ace left for Iraq and it was also taken four days after having Dalten so i don't thats why i don't look so peachy....

Dakota and Colten

Colten, Dakota, and Dalten

My little me

Daddy and Dalten( he's ready for hunting)

Mommy and her little man


The GI Vrbi said...

What a good-looking family!

Dave, Amy & Jack

Crystal Werner said...

Hey sis! I love that blog that you put on there.. the boys are sooo cute!!!!!!!!! Well sis i better go i am still in class. and i shouldnt be on myspace or i will get a detention. love ya ~Crystal Rose