Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oh what a weekened!

What a weekend its been! We found out that poor Colten is supposed to have surgery on Thursday for his tonsil's and adenoid. So that's not going to be any fun! But it will help out a lot in the long run. We also found out that he likes to eat salmon which is so funny cause he is a really picky eater, also found out that he really likes pickled beets. So HOORAY for Colten.Then Dalten finally started to roll over completely, its not from side to side now. I think it is great to see my baby growing up so fast, then i started to think and realize CRAP cause you know what that means crawling is just around the corner and if i can't managed and get on schedule now then once he starts then i will never have control.... Please Then the little snicker wont eat cereal which is not really a big deal but i would really like to get a full nights rest! So we are going to take it slow not to rush and maybe by the time he is four in half months then he might take it little better! Wish us luck!!!!