Friday, March 27, 2009

Still no dang camera =(

So the pictures are in random order go figure...most of these are from my phone.
We had the privilege to have my sister home for spring break...we gotten to spend alot of time with her... We took her with us on a trip to North Platte...did some awesome shopping...the boys were so good and it was so beautiful out we took them to the Cody park. Then afterwards we went to go see my sister inlaw Mary and Riley and Raegan...the girl are getting so big...Mary has been teaching sign language to the girls....its so cute seeing one years old's signing! Then we met up with my brother at sonics as he was heading to Sidney for drill! So yep that what we been up too....tomorrow we get to make another trip to North Platte with my mom...cant wait, it'll be fun...sad tho. its not going to be nice tomorrow like last saturday...but oh well...Dakota wants to go to the Children's Museum