Monday, November 17, 2008

So glad to be home!

I tell you what...i never going to say this line know the one that everyone say..."What else can go wrong!" because when you say it, you better be ready....cuz something big going to happend! Well as most of you know i was in the hospital for 11 days thats right (11). It started 2 in the morning...i was having back pain and then i started to have muscle spasms well at least i though so....well it was getting to be to painfully that finally Bryan took me to mccook hospital 4 in the morning! I told them i have been seeing a chiropractor for a week half, and he was thinking i might be having problems with my gull bladder...i told the doctor that and from there that's when they start checking me over and they try to keep me comfortable with pain killers tell Thursday...they decided to run a test on me to see if i had lodge a stone in my vain....that was going to determined if i was having surgery in McCook or Lincoln...well the test came back with not positive i ended up with having surgery Friday afternoon which took 3 hours. Then a right after i woke up they but me on an ambulance to soon as i got there they put under again and put a scope down my thought down to the main vain going from your kidney's and liver to your intestines...and found the stone but wasnt able to get it out and they worked on it for about 2 hours...and decided they are going to have to surgically remove it....So they gave me a day to rest, so on Monday i woke up and went into surgery again for the last time took another 2 hours working on me to finally get the stone out.... it was a size of a marble! So after all that it was just recovery....Now im just glad its all over...and maybe my life will get back on knowing that maybe the past 4 months of back problem that i have been complaining about was my gall bladder! It has been hard...even staying in the hospital for soooo long with out seeing my boys....i think that was hurt the made me very emotional and had to recover from this...made my time very depressing! But it over doing ok, the pain is getting better and im getting around alot better too, now only if i can get comfortable to sleep at wouldnt be so bad! Thanks to all of you wonderful family and friends....thanks for the prayers,the comforting words, the help, the cards and flowers and balloons...and the help me workout through this tough time, tell i made it back to my family again.
Well i do have some pictures from when i was in the there was some dull times...let me tell you!

waiting for surgery in mccook

this was a couple of day's out of last surgery in Lincoln

visitors....Ashley Hackney...she came up with my brother!

my brother messing with my bed
my adorable lil cousin Avery and her daddy

Deanna and Ashton...thanks for the visit...i love it! Hope to see ya again!

so happy that i was coming home that day

My wonderful Husband...Bryan

lol...this has been my best friend for 8 days....I called her molly, sweet thing followed me everywhere i went! Bryan said i had to take a pic of her! LOL Im going to miss her

someone snapping pics with my phone!

This is what i look like right now...the lil hose goes to that main vain that they took the stone out...i hope to get that out in a couple of weeks....and i a line of stamples on my tummy which is covered by bandages


brusoe2000 said...

Well we are all very glad to have you home.

Charlie said...

WOW! What an ordeal! They really did a number on you with that knife of their's.
Hang in there girl! Recovery takes a while...but if you do it as they tell will get over sooner. Glad to have you back home!

Tami Vrbas said...

So glad to hear you are recovering and finally got to come home, Aletha! Been thinking about you and saying a few prayers, too. I have the feeling your boys all missed you, too! Take it easy!

The Southworth's said...

I am so glad to hear that you are home and that they got you all fixed up. Hope you get back to 100% soon!!!!

Dave Ja Vu said...

I was without internet for a while and hadn't checked all the blogs for a long time. It wasn't until today at the cafe when your mom was talking about your emergency surgery that I knew anything about it. I must have looked at your mom like "WTF!?" because she started laughing, then directed me to your blog for the full story. Glad you're okay and back with the boyz. Yowch...I coulda done without the scar photo. I get really squeamish even hearing about surgeries, let alone seeing the aftermath...what a wuss I seriously gave me the heebies.