Monday, October 27, 2008

Pictures from last week!

Sorry for the crappy pictures im having major problems
with my new sucks with the lighting thats in my house!

Dakota with an black eye due to a shelf in the closet..and a scratch on his chest from his lovely brother Colten...poor dakota had a ruff he's sick
He said his new nickname was Sir Poopsalot!...poor guy!

I dont know if you can tell Dalten even has a bruise on his cheek it looks worse the what the pic shows...and i still have no idea where he gotten it from....boys!!!

Colten was trying to do a head stand

So Dalten had to jump in there too and try
boy are the flexible

good job boys

bull rider in progress...actually he was about to hit bryan in the head
My brother stop by a couple of time to visit and thought it was time for a wrestling match
and he thought i need some attention too

See mom should had another boy
Bryan's face is priceless
I think my hubby would be mad at me for posting this one...
I dont think he would like his belly

And this lovely pic makes me laugh...i found it on my camera and i have no idea who took it