Thursday, April 10, 2008


I will start off saying that everyone is doing well other than some running noses and coughing ,we are gettin along very well. The boys are not waiting patiently for spring...its a everyday thing yelling at them to get in this house...its like 30 out there...but when we are graciously giving a couple of warm days here and there you better believe they are out that door, with just a lil push from me. Bryan started racing last weekend and gotten 7th...which he didnt think that was good enough but its just the first race of the year and everyone trying to work out the cob webs! While everyone else is hating this weather, he is jumping for joy... he said this is what he needs on his wheat fields and the fields that they will be planting for loving it too cause it just that longer i have to turn on my sprinklers...after this the ground clears all your going to see is beautiful grass everywhere....and spring flowers...oh cant wait...back to the boys they are doing good, been a LOT of fighting but i think they are tired being coup up in the i didnt just have one crying i had all three of them crying...Colten came running upstairs crying and this is what he told me "Mom Dakota hit me for hitting Dalten" then Dakota came up just crying and telling me " Mom Colten punch me in the eye for hitting him cuz he hit Dalten...and better believe it Dalten came up right behind Dakota just crying and he was babbling about something...i believe he was telling me that " I bit Colten so he hit me and Dakota hit Colten punch him in the eye" was too cute that all i could do was laugh...but i believe that we have a hitting problem that better stop right needless to say i had all three in the corner for timeout... Dalten is the funnest kid ever...he makes me laugh from his cheesy smile to his tantrums! He's finally getting his eye teeth in and i believe he's done, tell his two year molars comes in which they probably wont come in tell he's I'm doing great, i still feel tired and nauseated all the time...and my house is paying for it, other than that all is good...I just started to wear my maternity pants today...i didnt think that day would come so quickly but everyone tells me the more you have the sooner you start showing...the only thing is wearing them today made me look like i was 7 months pregnant and that scars me cuz when it come to nine month does that mean i going to be looking like an elephant....HOPE NOT! Well i am 10 weeks...i was suppose to see the doc this week...but i forgot to make an appt...oops I will definitely get in there next week and i'll let you know how it goes... We hope you all have a great relaxing weekend...and until next time...PEACE

By the way i have a poll on the side you can make your guess on what we are having...a lot of people told us that we have to let them now when we fine out...well sorry to burst your bubble but NO ONE is going to know until he/she is born...HA! HA!


charlie said...

Too FUNNY!!! At least your boys own up to what they did.