Sunday, November 25, 2007

"WOW" Where has the time gone???

Its hard to believe that Thanksgiving was here and gone in a blink of an eye. Where has the time gone.....It just seems like couple of days ago it was summer and now its winter! My mom was right for once, that as you get older the time just keep getting faster! What hits me the most i think that is my oldest Dakota is getting ready to turn 9, i keeping thinking that this is impossible to happen, as i wipe my tears i also realize that my middle child Colten is going to be turning 4, i just keep thinking that one more year he will be in kindergarten, now my once was babies are growing for a mother i dont think i like that, but its just something i have to get use too!

As time flying fast past our eyes Bryan and I have celebrated our 10th year of being together, i have never in my life really think that i could be with someone this long, but i also know that i will never trade it in the world...I love the fact i am growing old with a best friend and a love of my life....I happened to see one of my dear closet friend last night at the Bear Cave that i haven't seen since he's been out of the hospital, Chance really took me by surprise seeing him there with out his wheelchair, as i reach down to say hi and give him a big old hug tears ran down both of our cheeks! We had a awesome time visiting and hanging out with a lot of friends....he even gotten up with Bryan to sing "Check Yes or No", Marcy helled the mic up to him as he was singing it from word to word, that was such accomplishment for him as he hasn't been able to speak a word since his accident a year ago of July 4! As we was chatting he was bringing up April witch is hard for everone as we still havent gotten over with her being gone, he was telling me sometimes it takes a love one to leave to realize how much you loved them and that there will never be anyone in this world that can take over there place! I sat and listen and realizing myself that I feel real blessed to met Bryan the love of my life and to have 3 wonderful boys!

It was again awesome to see chance we made him laugh and get him to do things that he hasn't been able to do for a whole year, I can say this thanksgiving i was very thankful and very blessed to have all my family here and also to see some close friend...most diff. a best THANKSGIVING!!!!!

Well on to our updates.... i have no pics..."SORRY" i just haven't really had time, this week went by so fast.... Anyways we went to my in laws for a lunch on Thursday and then that evening had dinner at our house with my family, which everything went very well as we gotten to meet my sister new boyfriend Tyler, and also got to meet Avery (Bryan's cousins lil girl) which was born 5 days before Dalten, but got to finally see her, which she was a freakin CUTE! Then after our dinner we cleaned up the house and at 9:30 that nite we dropped off Dakota and Colten at grandma's and we headed to Kearney for the Thanksgiving early bird sales, which i dont think we will do again....not to sure! The first place we went to was Menard's and the line was dang near the back of the parking lot so we just stayed in the truck tell they were going inside...(we also had Dalten with us) but we had to wait for 40 mins for a shopping cart which Bryan was caring Dalten around standing at the end of the check out lanes, asking nicely if we could have there cart when they are done with it....and it took 40 mins before someone nicely enough said yes!!! Bryan said there was one guy saying NO-NO this is my cart and you cant have it, Bryan was like wow you have two items in your cart and your leaving but its your cart....He told me he never see that many jerks that early in the morning, but we gotten a cart and we shopped around as everyone else was racing to the items or fighting over them ... it was a madhouse at 6 o'clock in the morning. As we was driving by Walmart and Target was packed...some lady said that those stores was the worst ones and i guess we also missed some good fist fighting! But we made it back safly even though we stayed another night due to the weather, but we have almost all our shopping down and still Dalten did an awesome on our shopping trip, it was a great time spending some lone time with Dalten and Bryan!

Dakota, like i said is getting ready to turn 9 so we are trying to get all per pair for his birthday, Colten is doing great, still loving preschool and there is Dalten.....well he is on that phase of trying taking his diaper off, but i can fix it for now by leaving his pants on...but i am sure we will dill with it when he learns to take his pants off, but that will be another time, another day and a new story! That's all for now and tell next time....ya'll have a great week!

Marcy, Chance Redfield, Ace and Bryan doing some karaoke


The Hoskovec's said...

So great to hear about Chance! I am glad that you and Bryan have made it this long! I wish you guys many more years of happiness!